Novice Arts and Sciences Competition
No documentation required. If you have practiced an art or science for less than a year come show off your work!  This is a great way to learn something new and show others at the same time. Please direct all questions to Mistress Rhiannon at
Children's Point

Novice A&S entries judged by the child populous

Items desired/Categories:
              *  Child "friendly" entry - SCA/period oriented, toys / garb/ armor/ etc 
                  (adults and youth over 12 years of age)
             *  Children's entry - (youths younger than 12 years of age)
                             -must be made by child with limited parental assistance
No documentation is necessary.
All entries will be judged by a bean count by the child populous, judging ends at 3pm.
The winners and entries will receive a special award when picking up their A&S item.
Good Samaritans of Simple Day (If just for a day)
Children's Point would like to start a fun tradition for Simple Day children.
Attendees for Simple Day are called upon to give a token to a child under the age of 10
If you see a child
                  *being helpful
                  *doing a chore
                  *doing anything without protest
                  *bowing to royals
                  *helping pick up trash
                  *being courteous and kind
                  *anything deserving an award
Bags for children's tokens will be at Children's Point. Get your two tokens to give to youths under the age of 10 at Troll upon entry, worth one point. The Ladies of the Rose will hand out gold tokens for children bowing before them, worth two points each. Look for the beautiful ladies who wear garb with roses on them.
Please have children and their tokens come back to Children's Point at 3pm for counting. An award for children from outside the Barony and for Baronial children will be received at court.

Artisan's Row

This year's Merchant area will also feature an Artisan's Row.  If you have particular craft that you would like to share with others, please let us know!  Send your contact information and fly-size to the Merchant Liaison.  Artisans will need to provide their own shade.  A list of demonstrations will be published closer to the event.

 In addition there will be a space available for a "stitch and (um...) grouse," yeah, that's it.  Bring a chair and your latest project and sit and chat with other like-minded gentles.
  (And I will try like the dickens to make sure we are upwind of the list.)
~THL Margaret O’Monaghan~