Welcome to my ePportfolio (electronic, or digital, Portfolio), allow me to introduce myself and where I have been by reading through this sight. The links on the left provide further details and pages to inform you of my career progress and aspirations. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, or to contact me (syoudy@yahoo.com.au) in relation to any questions you have or for more information. This portfolio is still under construction, (as at April 2014)  and will be continually updated with relevant information. Enjoy reading and I look forward to contacting you soon, Simon Youd.

About Me 

I am 37 years old, a husband, father, student, and teacher. I left high school after completing grade 10, working in Woolworths Supermarkets for 13 years in various roles. I started as a casual worker then completed a retail traineeship before working as a shop floor worker then moving to appointed managerial positions. Retail provided me with the experience of working with and serving a vast array of people requiring different approaches and skills to communicate and integrate successfully with. Desiring to move higher into permanent store management positions I studied and worked through Certificate IV in Woolworths Retail Management. The challenge of returning to studying was enjoyable and rewarding, rekindling the desire to continue learning as a lifelong habit. Woolworths provided me with many challenges but no longer gave me the mental stimulation or sense of purpose towards achieving worthwhile or desirable outcomes.

I searched and applied for many jobs failing to find anything that really appealed to me, also attempting to find jobs in training and adult teaching positions. Teaching was a field that interested me and my involvement in under-age cricket coaching and work developed  within me the desire to work as a Physical Education Teacher. My application to study the Bachelor of Human Movement was successful and I was able to achieve my starting goal of completing honours in the last year of study. This taste of research provided the focus of returning to higher postgraduate study completing the Master of Education by coursework in 2013. The Doctor of Education will provide me with the opportunity to participate in higher level research and give me valuable experience and knowledge  in the area of technology integration in education.

My first year of teaching was very challenging yet also extremely rewarding presenting me with a steep learning curve that provided a vast amount of experience and learning opportunities. I was the first specialist Physical Education teacher at the school and developed a structured learning program for Roebourne District High School, an Aboriginal school in the Pilbara, Western Australia. This was the first experience for the students in having a structured and progressive curriculum program to develop the multiple aspects of physical and sport skills. My behaviour management strategies were challenged both as a reaction to problems and to develop preventative proactive skills. Targeted professional development assisted me in identifying good and bad practices whilst intentionally implementing plans to support positive learning environments.

2011 provided me with a different challenge in moving from health and physical education teaching to classroom based mathematics and science teaching. This challenged me to adopt my teaching practices towards delivering effective learning environments for students to gain successful outcomes. Teaching grades 7-9 presented me with various challenges towards how to teach subjects that I had no prior experience or major training in delivering. The Master of Education mathematics subjects I studied were used to fill  in content knowledge that I felt was lacking from my skills. I developed successful learning relationships with my students enabled me to take over classes mid-term and develop learning environments that suited my teaching style and students learning preferences.

Relief teaching has provided me with the opportunities to teach many varies students in multiple schools. I have been required to develop teaching plans for most subjects and year groups, sometimes adapting and changing plans depending on the student cohort been taught. I have had the chance to experience team teaching in many schools working collaboratively with various teachers. I have been required to use different behaviour management techniques and been challenged with developing working relationships with students in short time spans. I have enjoyed the challenges of relief teaching and the chance to develop and learn more about my teaching through these opportunities.

My Teaching Philosophy

Physical Education

Physical education provides opportunities for students to display learning that involves activities outside normal classroom work. Allowing students to engage with this subject is a challenge I keenly aim to achieve. I attempt to link in student preferences and capabilities in certain areas to encourage engagement and participation. I aim to involve all students in lessons regardless of capabilities, welcoming their input and trying to provide opportunities for them to succeed. Disengaged students are encouraged to participate, invited to give feedback as to preferences for learning topics and skills. Non participating students that are injured or unwell are engaged in umpiring and coaching to keep them involved in learning and providing different perspectives of activities. PE Read More>>


I aim to be a facilitator of student learning interactions, not a transmitter of information. Student centered learning is the goal of all lessons and subjects that I teach. Using a constructivist approach to teaching, I encourage group work and discussion, guiding students to use each other as learning resources to construct knowledge together. Students then gain a deeper understanding of concepts involved, not just the capability to reproduce content or procedures. Students should be given the skills and tools to be able to use their learning in any situation, not limited to certain contexts or reliant on a formula or practice that only works when information is presented in a certain way.  Classroom Read More>>
My Career Goals

I aim to become an excellent educator, using my skills and knowledge to develop high quality teaching and learning experiences for my students. I have a strong desire to move into more senior leadership positions within a school. I would like to develop my career in a way as to contribute to the ICT integration in a school, assisting in the development of avenues for teachers to successfully integrate technology into their classrooms to deliver higher student outcomes. Teaching successfully with technology seamlessly integrated into educational practices is my personal goal, whilst also being an area I wish to become involved in to encourage and help others. Long term I desire a career as an academic at university and will be using my Doctor of Education studies to develop my qualifications, knowledge, and skills to research and teach there.

My Research Topics/Interests/Areas of Professional Expertise

The major area of research interest to me is in the successful integration of technology into education. My desire is to see technology implemented in such a way that we no longer talk about technology and education separately, but as a tool that is used within education. Student centred learning that is enhanced through the effective use of technology to provide them with high level outcomes. How can assessment, teaching, and learning practices change and be improved to seamlessly integrate technology into everyday habits.  What teaching practices and pedagogical approaches improve student outcomes through the use of technology? Learning analytics, online teaching and learning, are also areas within technology that interest me. 
My research and publications so far is limited to my thesis on "The Role of Golf in the Lives of Older Adults", submitted as part of my honours in Human Movement degree. Publications This will change as I move forward with the writing of Journal articles following research and study a goal of the future. 

My Interests and Hobbies

I have played cricket in the backyard since I could hold a bat, and competitively since grade seven. I have played in a few sides and managed to captain some of them. I become interested in helping juniors and started to work in Milo cricket clinics when my work timetable allowed. This developed in me a desire to assist in coaching, which led me to complete the level one coaching course. I have been involved in coaching at clubs I have played at, working with various players and running some sessions. I spent one season coaching at West Ulverstone Cricket club which was not successful at club level but was rewarding as a learning process. This has given me skills in coaching whilst giving me a different perspective on how to pass on skills and develop physical activity for students.

I enjoy reading, novels when I can, but mostly education and technology related articles and journals. This helps to keep my mind active whilst also providing me with a valuable resource for learning new skills, keeping up with latest knowledge, and a source of latest practices and new directions for education. I also read extensively in relation to technology in education especially in relation to my Doctor of Education studies.

I enjoy using and reading about technology in various formats. Especially in how it relates to education and the possibilities it provides to innovate in education to deliver higher student outcomes.  I want to become involved in developing and implementing technology better into education to enhance student outcomes through developing engaging content and learning opportunities. I want to become involved in leading and delivering professional development opportunities for teachers to engage with technology through their teaching and their own personal learning pathways. Ultimately I want my career path to lead me back to university as a researcher and lecturer in educational technology integration, implementation, and uses. 


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