About me

I am a cognitive neuroscientist working at the Brain and Cognition department of the University of Amsterdam (as assistant professor) and the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging at the Donders Institute for Brain Cognition and Behavior (research fellow). 

In my lab we study the neural correlates of consciousness and the role of consciousness in cognitive control and decision-making using various imaging techniques (e.g., EEG, functional and structural MRI, MEG). Hopefully, this will eventually contribute to a better understanding of the neural mechanisms and function of consciousness. 

Here you can find information about ongoing research projects, open positions (jobs/training) people in the labalumni of the lab, and you can download publications.


New postdoc Jolien Francken joins the lab soon!

New postdoc Matthew Weaver joins the UvA/Vu team from May 2016.

Paper accepted in Scientific Reports
Francken JC, Meijs EL, Hagoort P, van Gaal S, de Lange FP (2015). Exploring the automaticity of language-perception interactions: Effects of attention and awareness. Scientific Reports, in press. 

Paper accepted in Neuroscience of Consciousness