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Smoke on the water


On January 4th,  a fire consumed my (now former) home in Mt Macedon.  It became a reminder that all you have can change overnight.  While I thought I 'knew' this already it was an  opportunity for me to really understand more than ever that I am more than the 'kipple' that I have collected and that my kids, my friends and being happy are indeed the most important things in the world to me. 

Sifting through the ashes of the fire, I realized that I was now in fact a single guy, and that the stage had now been cleared for an amazing journey and an incredble year.


Happy 4th Birthday Oliver!.  The Great Pizza party.


Oliver is 4 and he is sailing on, growing up, playing star wars, enjoying being silly with his dad... who also always known can be very silly.

The kids made pizza's in my new houses wood fired pizza oven.. we all made a huge mess.. it was fantastic! (and no that is not a bald patch... thats just the camera angle!)


The Gang at 'Bushrangers'

 Photos of Oliver, Luca and Dad clowning about



Formula 1 Grand Prix

Clearly I had a sensational weekend! 

I didnt see as much of the great race that I should.. but I had other things on my mind.



Queensland Australia

With Oliver and Luca, did a road trip to Queensland where we spent 2 weeks hiking around Lamington National Park, O'Reileys and having a blast at Wet & Wild, MovieWorld and SeaWorld!. Yes I am a kid!.. I think I enjoyed the trip even more than they did.. and thats saying something!

 Click here for some photos!


 The Annual Mid Winter Cocktail Ball

A sensational night...  great fun.. awesome people..  great energy..  it all went so fast

Met lots of great people, made a few new friends and caught up with some old ones.  

Check out the photos.


 Ski Mt Hotham

Mt Hotham  August 4 - 11th.