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The Imperial Star Destroyer Birthday Cake!



The kids loved it.. massive response! 

My son Oliver has just turned 4 and he, like most 4 year olds loves all things Star Wars.. so I set about trying to find out if anyone had ever made a Star Wars Birthday cake.. but not just R2D2 or a cake with a Star Wars(tm)  picture.. I mean a fully detailed imperial Star Destroyer fit for Vader himself.


So after a bit of searching I found this..

I couldnt find any more detail.. so I downloaded some pictures and set about building one from scratch.  For those who might be interested here is a step by step guide to building your own Imperial Star Destroyer.


C O N S T R U C T I O N   S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

HULL Construction:

3 Packets of Cake Mix. (2 packets of Mud Cake or similar dense cake mix for the Hull, Tea Cake or other light cake for the superstructure)

Combine the Hull mixes and cook the Mud cake in large rectangular Dish.   When figuring out how to do this and to get the dimensions right I used a sheet of A4 which fitted in the base of my largest dish. (A4 is slightly longer than US Letter).  In the photo you can see my templates which as you can see I cut diagnialy to create the two triangles needed for the main part of the Hull. 


To leave room for the Engines I cut a little off the short end of the triangle  to give it a flattened back.



I used a lighter tea cake packet mix which we made in a smaller tin.  We only used about half of what we made, and cut it to suit. (see pictures).


The conningtower was built using two chocolate bars (strength), supporting a lighter kit cat wafer.  The deflector domes (the ones that the Xwings crash into) were easter eggs with the bases cut flat, glued in place with a little icing.  Until the icing set we propped up the conning tower and recessed it into the tea cake for extra strength.  Once the icing had set it was fine.


Hull armor ( Icing).

I used a blue icing (food dye) for the hull and white for the superstructure, (I think you could choose a better color!)  icing the pieces separately then then assembling at our shipyard above mos eisley. 

Due to meteor activity the hull armor was less than perfect but none of our 4 year old storm troopers really noticed.


Weapons and Engines.

The Engines were Glow sticks, inserted after icing had been put on (but before it set. and then part removed just prior serving so they could be activated (by cracking them).  The Glow sticks were a huge hit.

Other decorations included ablative hull plating (wafers), Particle cannons (Whistle pops).


Improvedments for next time:

  • Do the icing better... practice i guess?
  • Tigher lines
  • An even denser hull cake mix
  • Try different icing colors?
  • Any other suggestions welcome!

Your nuts simon.