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  • Research visit at UQ from 13.10.2015 till 20.12.2015
  • 16.10.2015: Our project “TaDaQua – Tangible Data Quality with Object Signatures” in collaboration with AT&T Labs-Research, Google Research, HPI and the University of Trento is approved by the FUB (budget 50k€)
  • Away from email till 3.10.2015 in Iran
  • 24.4.2015: Our paper “Longterm Optimization of Update Frequencies for Decaying Information” has been accepted at the WebDB workshop at SIGMOD 2015 (29% acceptance rate)
  • 6.3.2015: Our paper “Identifying the Extent of Completeness of Query Answers over Partially Complete Databases” has been accepted at SIGMOD 2015
  • Away from email till 10.1.2015 in Uganda
  • 31.10.2015: PhD Thesis defended
  • Away from email till 27.9. in Kyrgyzstan
  • 26.8.2014 Our paper “Adding Completeness Information to Query Answers over Spatial Databases” has been accepted at SIGSPATIAL 2015 (21% acceptance rate)