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If you don't manage your own money, nobody's will

"Manakala satu bencana mungkin mencerminkan kebaikan dan tabiat-tabiat baik kemanusiaan, ia juga mendedahkan kegeraman dan kekejaman bagi yang sama."

"While a disaster may reflect the merits and virtues of humanity, it also exposes the hideousness and wickedness of the same."

About Us - I am an agent for AIA Berhad, previously know as ING Insurance Berhad, Aetna Insurance Berhad, Aetna Universal Insurance Sdn Bhd and Universal Life Insurance Sdn Bhd way back 1999 and 1987.

Life Insurance In Cantonese

Critical Illness Insurance In Cantonese

Our life security planning capabilities are as follows:-        

Traditional Products (Non Traditional) (Tailormade Product) Ordinary Life (Whole Life, Endownment) Single Premium (Whole Life, Term, Critical Illness) Enhanced Single Premium Life Credit Insurance-Spouse, MRTA, PA, Hospital Income, Business Continuation; Critical Illness Funding ; Disability Income on Injury / Sickness;Education Surety ; Mortgage Bailout  ; Estate Distribution Funding ; Family Protection Plan ; Widow's Income Plan ; Retirement Planning


Our financial security products can provide you and your family with financial stability in the event of an untimely death. Learn more about life insurance options from SPA. Protecting you and your loved ones.
You can’t predict the future – but you can help protect your family in the event of an untimely death.
Life insurance provides the finances your family needs, for things like funeral expenses, everyday bills, child care, and income for your spouse, to name a few.

SPA, in partnership with ING Insurance Berhad, offers a wide variety of life insurance products to help you protect your loved ones.   

Your SPA advisor can help you determine which life insurance product is best for you and your family.

Critical Illness Funding
A serious illness can give you and your family a lot to worry about – like your health, your job, your life.                                         
But, hopefully you don’t need to 
worry about your money. See how SPA-ING can help. If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, you suddenly have a lot to worry about – getting to doctor appointments, taking time off from work, spending precious time with loved ones – all while trying to keep up with your family's regular routine.That’s where our critical illness insurance can help.
Called us, it’s a term life insurance policy that pays you in the event of specific serious
illnesses, such as heart attack,
stroke, or cancer. You can use the cash to pay for: * Medical treatment or travel not covered by your health
* Your mortgage, child care, or other expenses due to lost wages, * Or however you see fit.

Education Planning

Last Expenses Review
Estate Planning and Execution Funding
Last Will Reviews (Coming Soon)


All the above requires systematic planning, commitment, evaluation, economic environment tactfulness, market knowledge and most of all time to sit down with us and provide us more information. Time is so precious to everyone, time to save up for your next car, your next house, your next love adventure, prepare your next wave of business adventure, to pays off your commitments (housing loan, factory loan, car loan, business loan etc.

If you value your time, talk to us as we value ours too.

About ING Group

ING Insurance Berhad is part of the ING Group, an international financial services institution of Dutch origin.With a staff force of approximately 120,000 employees, ING Group provides banking, insurance and asset management to over 60 million customers in more than 50 countries. As of the end of 2006, the Group had investment assets under management of EUR 600 billion, total assets worth EUR1,227 billion and shareholders’ equity equalling EUR38 billion.                                            
ING 保险有限公司是荷兰国际集团,国际金融服务机构的荷兰血统。随着工作人员的部队大约有12.00万员工, ING集团提供银行,保险和资产管理方面的超过60万个客户在50多个国家。截至2006年底,该集团已投资资产管理 EUR600 亿美元,总资产价值欧元, 227亿美元,股东权益相当于EUR38亿美元。

As part of the global financial giant, ING Group, ING Malaysia can provide our customers with the best products and services. ING Malaysia provides all classes of insurance ranging from life insurance, general insurance and employee benefits plus investment management which includes unit trusts and fixed rate home loans. ING Malaysia has the financial strength, experience, service center network, as well as a team of well-trained staff and agents to serve its over 1.5 million customers nationwide. As at the end of 2006, its total asset worth was RM8.7 billion, with a paid-up capital of RM140 million.

作为全球金融巨头ING集团, ING集团在马来西亚可以为我们的客户提供最好的产品和服务。ING集团马来西亚提供各类保险,包括人寿保险,一般保险和员工福利以及投资管理,其中 包括单位信托基金和固定利率住房贷款。马来西亚ING集团的财务实力,经验,服务中心的 网络,以及一支训练有素的工作人员和代理服务超过150万客户全国。截至2006年底,其总 资产价值为RM8.7亿美元,与实收资本RM140万.

ING’s commitment to our clients

The international recognition and strength of the ING brand sets a strong foundation for our relationship with our customers. The entire Group shares the same goal, which is for our customers to count on us as a dependable leader in offering comprehensive financial services. We are also proud of the diversity of financial products and services we offer Malaysians. From life insurance, general insurance, fixed rate home loans, employee benefits and Unit Trust investments from ING Funds, our customers can easily put together a complete wealth protection management and accumulation package according to their needs.   

在国际社会的承认和力 量, ING品牌树立了一个坚实的基础我们与我们的客户。整个集团的股票相同的目 标, 这是为我们的客户依靠我们作为一个可靠的领导者提供全面的金融服务。我们也感到自豪的是,多样性的 金 融产品和服务我们提供马来西亚人。从人寿保险,一般保险,固定利率住房贷款,职工福利和单位信托投 资 基金从ING集团,我们的客户可以很容易地把一个完整的财富的保护管理和积累一揽子根据自己的需要。 

SPA-ING ensures client satisfaction

Equally important is client satisfaction. We are committed to offering fast and convenient help through different channels, including an online Policy Enquiry Service (Click), 24-hr Personal Customer Services Hotline (Call), and Customer Service Counter Assistance (Face). Our focus is on training our people to ensure they possess the highest-quality tools and skills necessary to meet customers’ needs. We make this extra effort so that our customers receive the best service from us, whatever they want, whenever they please.

同样重要的是客户满意度。我 们致力于提供快捷方便的帮助通过不同的渠道,包括网上政策咨询服务(点 击), 24小 时个人客户服务热线 (电话) ,以及客户服务柜台援助(面) 。 我们的重点是训练我们的人民,以确保它们拥有最高质量的工具和技能,以满足客户的需求。我们使这个额外的努 力,使我们的客户将得到最佳的服务,我们,无论他们想,只要他们高兴。

ING’s involvement in Community Projects

In Malaysia, we actively support communities through sponsoring local projects in running sports, children’s theatre and fundraising to benefit children with special needs because we believe in contributing to the long term sustainability of the community we do business in. From 2007 onwards,
ING will continue to strengthen our corporate citizenship through our new community initiative, Chances For Children where we will be working with partners within the field of children’s education.
As ING is committed to helping people manage their future, we want to ensure that we extend this principle to our nation’s children through a major investment in primary education projects.Because, by providing children with a proper education, ING can help them manage their own future.

在马来西亚,我们积极支持社区通过赞助地方项目在运行体育,儿童戏剧和筹款受益有特殊需要的儿童,因为我们认为在促进长期可持续性的社会,我们做生意英寸自2007年起,荷兰国际集团将继续加强我们的企业公民通过我们的新社会的倡议,儿童的机会,我们将与合作伙伴合作领域内的孩子的教育。作为ING集团致力于帮助人们管理自己的未来,我们要确保我们这个原则扩展到我们国家的儿童进行的重大投资项目的初级教育。     因为,通过为儿童提供适当的教育, ING集团能够帮助他们管理己的未来。

ING – The Premium International Brand

On a global level, ING Group has recently announced that ING will be the title sponsor of the highly successful Renault F1 Team for three years beginning 2007. The ING Renault F1 Team will enter the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the beginning of the 2007 Championship. Grand Prix races take place in 17 countries, of which ING is active in 15. With a total television audience of around 850 million people per year, Formula 1 will provide ING with a strong global platform to further strengthen our premium international brand appeal, particularly in ING's key growth markets including Malaysia.

NG's brand has grown strongly in customer recognition and has climbed to 85th position in the 2006 Interbrand Best Global Brands List. Formula 1 and the Renault F1 Team are associated with teamwork, winning performance and achieving permanent progress, which fit well with the positioning of ING. ING is convinced that teaming up with the Renault F1Team will significantly raise ING's global brand awareness around the world.             

在全球一级, ING集团近日宣布, ING集团将冠名赞助商非常成功的雷诺车队为三年,自2007年。ING雷诺一级方程式车队将进入一级方程式大奖赛开始时的2007年冠军。大奖赛的比赛将在17个国家,其中荷兰国际集团是活跃在15 。总电视观众大约850万人,每年的F1 ING集团将提供一 个大的全球平台,以进一步加强我们的优质的国际品牌号召力,尤其是在ING的主要市场包括马 来西亚在内。

ING的品牌强劲增长的客户识别和已经上升到第85的位置在2006年 公司Interbrand全球最佳品牌名 单。一级方程式和雷诺车队都与团队精神, 殊荣的性能和实现永久的进展,这很好地与ING 集团的定 位。ING集团深信,联手与雷诺F1Team将大大提高ING的全球品牌知名度在世界各地。

*The Chinese translation below are done with the help of Google page translator and may not be 100% accurate. Kindly bear with us for the time being as the author is a banana (Chinese with no formal Chinese education.)

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