Current roles

     A.1 External Grants relating to teaching development activities

    2009 HEA Physical Sciences centre development project. A data handling diagnostic test for science undergraduates, £5K

    details online at:


    2008 HEA Physical Sciences centre development project. A Quantum Mechanics Concept Inventory, 5K

    details online at


    2008 Royal Society international vising fellowship funding. I took myself off here for a few weeks.  

    2008 JISC Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant: Electronic Voting Analysis and Feedback for all: EVAF4All, £65K. Details online at


    2007 HEA Physical Sciences centre development project. Building a community resource from a successful development project, £4K

    details online at


    2007 QAA enhancement themes: Research-Teaching Linkages in the Physical Sciences (with St Andrews) £10k. Final reports online at


    2006 JISC learner experiences of e-learning Phase 2: LEAD: Learner Experiences Across the Disciplines £94K


    2006 HEA Physical Sciences centre development project £5k (with St Andrews):


    2001 HEA Physical Sciences centre development project £5k:

    A.2 Internal (UoE) grants relating to teaching development activities.

    2009 University of Edinburgh small project grant to create podcasts suitable for use in the secondary school curriculum: 2.2K

    details online at: 

         Small project grant 2009

    Principal's Teaching Award Scheme funding

    2008 Following the LEADers: from undergraduate to graduate. Schools of Physics and Astronomy, Divinity and Vet Science, £6K


    2008 Mapping the transition: content and pedagogy across the school-university boundary in Physics, £15K


    2007 A Quantum Mechanics Concept Test, £15K 


    PeLF (e-learning) funding

    2007 EVAF: electronic voting analysis tools for student feedback (with Biology, Chemistry, Informatics and Engineering) £21K, Sept 2007-8.


    2005 Transferable Formative Assessment Exercises for Physics, £27K


    2005 Steer: Student Tracking and Evaluation of E-learning Resources, £68K


    2005 PRS in Biology and Physics, £58K


    2004 Contextual Online Solution of the Mathematics Problem (COSMaP), with Maths, Geosciences and Engineering, £192K


    2004 eLearner Tracking, £15K