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Simon's Bag


My new Putter is the D-Line 
P2 Psycho. I feel very comfortable with this all weather disc and it’s not a big change to the Aviar

For midrange throws I use both the 
MD1 and MD2. I really like the SG-Line MD1. It’s an overstable midgrange disc with a great feel to it. 

My C-Line MD2 is a super straight flyer with a soft turn at the end. My choice when I need a controlled, low and straight upshot.


My new favourite driver is the C-Line 
PD2. It’s probably my favourite distance driver ever because I can trust it 100%. It’s so overstable that it can handle my armspeed with no problems.

 I also use the S-Line PD2 for max. distance. It’s really fast and not so overstable. 

For straight fairway shots I use my probably favourite Discmania disc. The  C-Line FD 
 is comparable to the TeeBird from Innova and can do about anything. I use it for low and straight shots, for long anhyzer shots and for long hyzer shots. 

My really overstable driver is the Champion Firebird. I use it in windy conditions, for shorter hyzer shots and sidearm throws.