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Interview with Simon Lizotte from Team Torque Bremen, with 15 years of 2008 German tour youngest winner ever, this season the team Discmania
Jörg Benner - January 2009 Issue

DFV: You grew up with your father David, with virtually Disc Golf. What is the first disc golf or Frisbee experience which you can recollect?

Simon: My first disc golf experience which I can remember was back in the woods with my grandmother in Canada, with my Uncle Peter and Dave. We played on trees, and thought the tracks from himself. That was around 1998 when I was 6 years old. As far as I can remember, it has given me a lot of fun to throw frisbees and disc golf fascinated me from the beginning in every respect.

DFV: When and where have you played your first tournament?

Simon: My first major tournament was won 2004 in Dassel, when Frank Neitzel, the Open Division. Before the tournament I was very excited and a little insecure because I have been before the tournament by Yannick Stehrenberg added strength. I could not tell how I stood in relation to the other players in Germany. I collected my previous tournament experience only in small private tournaments in Bremen, and this pressure situation, I was not accustomed.

DFV: The success with victory in the German Tour 2008 came to good placings in previous years, not entirely surprising, but nevertheless it is a small sensation. How do you explain the consistency in your game?

Simon: For me it was really quite a surprise that I won the German tour. However, I also think that not only my constant geschwächelt rather good performance was the key to success, but that competition has my part. I often notice that it goes in this sport, at Constance. You have to play consistently at the same high level to the top with his idea on this subject. Although I am only 16 years old, but that says nothing about my experience in disc golf. I play disc golf regularly since about 6 to 7 years, about one to two times a week. Experience also plays a huge role in my opinion.

DFV: I read that your Puttspiel is particularly strong. Where do you see your own strengths, where your weaknesses, in which you want to work in the future?

Simon: Yes, with my putts, I'm usually very safe. I think it is for this reason it works so well. If you know you can do it, then it goes. Disc golf is a head case. There are days when everything goes, and then days when nothing works. If we so often times having a bad day, you lose not the pleasure, because often only one or two good throws sufficient to give a pleasure again. It fascinates me in this sport that way. I just never lose the joy of it. I think my drives are also good. I can throw well and usually pretty accurate. If you think about it more, is throwing far been a huge advantage. Of course, I also weaknesses. I barely get sometimes too fast on a bad throw or a poorly played on rail. Although I know that my game is thus only get worse. For distances from 50 to 70 meters, I find it sometimes difficult to properly assess how far I should take. They are the Zwischenwürfe, too short for the driver, but too long to be a putter.

DFV: What is your training? Is there a specific schema, or you just play just one round?

Simon: I usually just play a round with the Bremen Drehmomentlern. Since my home course in my opinion is very demanding, I can acquire many different litters. Sorry, no distance is needed, it is required more precision. Before each round will of course warmgemacht (putting, stretching, etc.). A special scheme for which I have going on in training, there is not.

DFV: What are your most important tips that you can give to a beginner who wants to play in tournaments once the front?

Simon: I recommend every beginner, abzugucken with a good little player. They should stick to the wheels, buy additional to a fall, and with whom we have gained experience and not be constantly new discs. Play many different slices is also a disadvantage.

Instead of the disc, it is mainly due to the throwing technique! You have to really try to find an effective throwing technique. I do not think that it is important to master every roll variant, such as overhead or Sidearm. I think it is important to perfect the normal backhand throw. Of course, one sometimes has no choice but to opt for a different throwing technique, but even then it usually only a few meters. It is also important selecting the right disc! Just because one is 50 and not 20 meters away from the basket, do not have to move the window. They should therefore develop a putt routine that is repeatedly used. You should have used the putter a solid one for all the putts.

DFV: You feel you with the success in the back now as a "hunted" on the German tour or do you enjoy the favorite status, you play from now?

Simon: Actually, I do my own so that only unnecessary pressure. Last season I was able to play my game and hope that I could play forward. It is now expected of me that I always play at my best level. And if this is expected, then I will do it too. And so I build myself then same pressure. Let's see how it goes. As a "hunted" I am not. I won only a German tour tournament. In the other, I was always the "hunters". I continue to try through with my game.

DFV: Which tournaments will you play you should do so this year? To what extent you are looking for international challenges?

Simon: In 2009, I'll play a lot of Euro-tour tournaments. Finland is one of my goals, I probably would need for Tampere wins my money from the German tour. First we go to Holland. In my summer holidays I would like to play the PDGA Worlds. Since the fit exactly on my summer vacation and before I fly with my family to Canada, it will hopefully work out. There, however, I must compete as an Open player, since 2008 I have accepted the prizes and so applies as a professional. In Germany, I want to remember so many tournaments as possible.

DFV: What are your specific goals for the season?

Simon: My goals are: At least one German Tour victory, will not miss a German tour finale, coming at the PDGA Worlds in a place, where you get money, for a Euro tour finale and just play with a lot of nice folks Disc Golf.

Simon Lizotte is now 16 years old, attended the 10th class comprehensive school and would like to change this year with a goal musikorientierte college graduation.

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