Thank you for visiting this revelation page about the Simon Leung Defamation Case.

For all intents and purposes, this page regarding Simon Leung and the websites designed to tarnish the reputation of Simon Leung, his company (myinternetevents), team and family have been confirmed to be defamatory and violate the Defamation Act of 1957.

This page is designed to further create clarity of the truth behind these fake scam review sites, as well as to convey the truth behind the defamation case and the malicious intent behind them, developed by a rival solely with the intention to create malicious harm, while carelessly neglecting the necessity to act to remain moral, ethical, truthful, professional, and even legal.

Per the official legal representatives of Simon Leung, this page shall not serve to reveal the inner details of this Defamation Case, and as such, no evidence, commentary or identities of any party or parties shall be revealed.

However, official statements shared by Simon Leung himself may be referenced or embedded for the sole intention of defense, clarification and education to the general public about online defamation laws, damages and potential implications.