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Editorial - December 2006

As you can see from the log bellow, I've managed too keep up the pace of additions to the site. I'd like to aim for one rules post and one original article a month, but I won't be adding stuff just to meet a schedule. Fortunately I think I've got plenty of ideas at the back of my head that can be put into short articles.

If you have anything you'd like to submit, chack out the email address at the bottom of the page, or look me up on the Mongoose forums and PM me.

I had the idea for Mr Haverhill a long time ago. Actually it was prompted by a post from Sandy Petersen on the Glorantha Digest many years ago. I hope you find it thought provoking.

Happy holidays!

 Simon Hibbs

Past Editorials

 Latest News

13 Dec 2006:  New article - Mr. Haverhill. Watch out, there's a rat about! Also linked to Jeff Kyer's post on the Gods of Spol 

11 Dec 2006: Added Alternate Multiple Actions rules variant 

06 Dec 2006: Added link to the RuneGoons NPC generator by Itto

02 Nov 2006:  New NPC - Lorem the Man Merchant. Fixed an error in Critical Hits for Slashing weapons.

23 Oct 2006: Added rules for Crits and Precise Attacks

22 Oct 2006: Added Precise Attack alternate rule 

17 Oct 2006: Added Fire and Ice, an RQ Vignette adventure 

04 Oct 2006: Added the expanded, alternate armour table 

03 Oct 2006: Added three Legendary Abilities by Peter Tracy 

29 Sep 2006: Another characetr sheet, nice hit location chart.

26 Sep 2006: Fixed a problem in the creature hit points table

 22 Sep 2006: Added Creature locational Hit Points table

19 Sep 2006: Added the new MRQ font by Tim Bancroft

14 Sep 2006: Added Armour Penalties variant rule