Past Editorials

 November 2006

I'm very happy to have some playable content on the site now. Fire and Ice presents two intriguing supernatural creatures, and how they might appear in your game. Meanwhile Lorem the Man Merchant could be a patron, business partner or even a new owner for your adventurers!

I've finished reading Glorantha: The Second Age and I'm very impressed. It's a great introduction to Glorantha, and covers many more cultures and regions than any previous product for the setting.

I have added my email address at the bottom of the page. If you do have any suggections or comments, please do contact me. Alternatively, you'll probably come across me on the Mongoose Runequest forum.

Happy Questing!


 October 2006

Welcome, RuneQuesters. This site is gradualy building up quite nicely into what I hope you find to be a useful resource center for Mongoose Publishing's RuneQuest game. Many thanks to everyone who's contributed.

I've not added the first adventure source material to appear on the site, the vignette Fire and Ice. Can you track down and catch or kill the Flame Vixen and Ice Weasel, or will you try to save them from ignorant foreign hunters?

I'm currently enjoying reading Glorantha: The Second Age, and Runequest Monsters looks excellent. I'll post considered opinions when I've had a chance to digest them.


 A new version of RuneQuest! 

Although I am a big fan of HeroQuest, I was very excited to hear that Mongoose were producing a new version of RuneQuest. I was even more interested when I learned that they intended to streamline and update the system. I've now got my hands on a  copy, and I'm pretty impressed.

I hope to build this page into a comprehensive resource for RuneQuest players and GMs. This includes new material such as new legendary abilities. I hope to expand this to include new spells, skills, creatures and more.

Check out my Reviw of MRQ at, which also hosts another review of MRQ, and a review of the excellent Ralios PDF supplement.

 Simon Hibbs