MRQ Character Sheets

Anthony Hunter's Character Sheets

 Many thanks to Anthony C. Hunter for permission to link to his MRQ characters sheet PDFs. These are very nicely laid out, with a gender appropriate silhouette showing hit locations.

 Sheet 1 (Female)        Sheet 1 (Male)        Sheet 2

  Anthony also has a gaming wiki site, with more MRQ worksheets, record keeping aids and resources. Check out the Leshan Wiki, under the 'Runequest Related' link.

Word Format Character Sheet

This character sheet was posted to the Mongoose Runequest forums by Lord Twig, presented here by permission. You will need the RQ Font for best results. There's also a PDF version, but I think having a customisable sheet is a great asset.

Word Character Sheet      PDF Version

Quire's "Another Character Sheet"

These have a nice diagramatic chart of hit locations showing armour and hit points. Look him up on Mongoose's RuneQuest forum on their websiteif you haveany feedback or suggestions.

 Front(PDF)      Back(PDF)