Lorem the Man Merchant

 Lorem started out with a promising career as a Chirurgeon, a doctor attached to a military unit in the Imperial Army of the Middle Sea Empire. However after a brief stint in Ralios during the Ducal Wars, Lorem soon became disgusted at the depravities of war, particularly against fellow Malkioni. This really wasn’t what he signed up for. It also shook his faith almost to breaking point.

In the aftermath of the campaign, Lorem found himself  with a number of useful contacts in the new regional administration. He was asked to inspect and grade foreign mercenary captives for their commercial value, and found he had a natural aptitude for the business. Soon he was making a tidy sum from on the side from the commercial labour market, and when he had an opportunity to leave military service, he went into the business full time.

The common term is slaving, but he prefers the term “Investing in People”. Most of his goods are imported from the wilds of Ralios – sturdy farmer stock for the building trade is in high demand, and the women folk make decent domestics once they’ve been house trained. He’s an amiable chap and is capable of genuine kindness, but uses his easy charm as cover for his sharp business acumen.

Lorem does have a weakness for the fairer sex, and an attractive lady of good manners can often obtain a small discount if they play their cards right.

Lorem once knew a little sorcery, and considered himself a spiritual person, but now refuses to practice it after witnessing it’s devastating effects during the Ducal Wars. While not politically minded, the internecine fighting between fellow Malkioni revolted him.


STR     12    CON   14    DEX    10    SIZ      12    INT      16   POW   13   CHA    19

Hit Locations


Hit Location



Right Leg



Left Leg









Right Arm



Left Arm






Type                Weapon Skill            Damage

Dagger                         35%            D4+1

Light Crossbow            20%            2D6

Special Rules

Combat Actions:            2

Strike Rank:                +12

Skills:                                      Evaluate 90%, First Aid 35%, Healing 32%, Influence 75%, Lore(Plant) 25%, Lore(World) 35%, Language(Native) 65%, Language (frgn)35%, Lore (Logistics) 15%, Lore(Regional) 30, Streetwise 55%, Driving 33%, Perception 52%, Persistence 60, Dagger 35%, Crossbow 20%,

Runes:             Man (45%): Befuddle (2),

                        Communication (38%): Mindspeech 1, Babel (1)

Notes: Lorem finds rune magic to his taste now, and uses his Befuddle spell to subdue unruly merchandise. Similarly Babel can be used to neutralise troublemakers, and prevent them from casting magic. He only learned Mindspeech recently, but hasn’t found it as useful as he’d hoped. Still, he’s keen to try it out.

Lorem can be successful or desperate, in need to fresh stock or require guards for a new shipment depending on the requirements of you’re campaign. He could also be a source of revenue for adventurers prepared to take captives rather than just kill everyone, especially if the captives have nobody that will ransom them. Alternatively an unlucky party might end up in his next batch of goods.

Lorem’s spiritual turmoil could be a useful plot element. He will listen to interesting attempts at conversion and can be drawn into debate, but is deeply sceptical of any formal religion right now.