Legendary Abilities


Legendary abilities are new to RuneQuest in the Mongoose edition. For those who know Glorantha, they are very remeniscent of the abilities Heroes can gain on mythic Hero Quests, but no previous rules set for Glorantha has offered specific rules for them. With Mongoose Rune Quest, that limitation has gone.

Here are a few sample Legendary Abilities, some of them drawn from terrestrial mythology.

Tread of the Cat 

Requirements: SIZ 11 or lower, Stealth skill at 90% or higher.

Hero Points: 10

 Your slight build and soft tread make you almost undetectable. Deduct your DEX + INT from your opponent's Perception tests to detect your character. The character can also move twice as fast as other characters while using the Stealth skill. 

Note: The idea here is to make small-sized characters more appealing, and also more interesting. The rules don't say it, but I'd normaly assume that characters using Stealth skill to move around do so at half normal movement rate, so a character with this ability would move normaly while sneaking about. 

Arrow Catching

Requirements: DEX 15 or higher, Martial Arts skill at 90% or higher.

Hero Points: 8

The character can catch an arrow, or in fact any missile weapon that has a safe place to hold it, such as a dagger or axe, but not a sling shot for example. The character may use either hand, if it is empty, using a free Reaction and the Unarmed Combat skill. The character must at lest equal the level of success of the attacker, but if the attacker's roll is higher then the character suffers minimum damage for the weapon, including minimum damage bonus where applicable, in the apropriate arm.

 Left foot Throw (By Peter Tracy)

Requirements: Spear 90%+, STR 15+, DEX 15+

Hero Points: 8

No more than once per round you may throw a spear or javelin with your left foot using your regular skill and treating your STR as 5pts higher for calculating damage. This allows you to maintain your hold on other weapon/s. You must be bare footed to use this ability.

Mountain King (By Peter Tracy)

Requirements: Weapon skill 90%+, Dodge 90%+, POW 15+ (The Cool Factor)

Hero Points: 8

You may fight from a seated possition with your chosen weapon without penalty, even dodging, never leaving your seat unless forced to give ground while dodging. You halve damage taken when calculating knockback.

In Shadows Step (By Peter Tracy)

Requirements: Dodge 90%+, Athletics 75%+, Acrobatics 75%+

Hero Points: 10 HP

Against an overextended opponent, as a free action, you may move behind your opponent in order to deny them the ability to parry your next CA, they may only dodge your attack.