Armour Penalties

A rules patch for Mongoose RuneQuest

The Problem

 Each point of armour, on each location gives a cumulative -1% skill penalty. This means a character wearing full plate mail suffers a -42% penalty on all combat skills, among others.

A character using a precise attack to ignore all armour suffers a -40% penalty to hit, but only on the attack rolls. The armour wearer suffers the skill penalty on all offensive and defensive rolls. This means the attacker can ignore the armour for a lower penalty than the armour wearer, and is much safer from the armour wearer's attacks.

As it stands, wearing armour just isn't worth it in MRQ. It's gives serious penalties on important abilities and is too easy to bypass completely.

The Fix

Only apply the armour penalty to fatigue rolls.

This means that armour wearers aren't at a disproportionate disadvantage, but still suffer because they will get tired quicker. All in all, this seems to be a happy compromise.

Side Effects

None realy, it just IMHO makes wearing armour a viable tactic.