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June 24, 2011

Because of today's announcement about SWG being shutdown at December 15 any further developing on SWGAide is discontinued. The source code is already openly available, see further down. SWGAide will remain available for download at this location until the end of the year.

Personally I blame 100% of this insensitive decision on LucasArts and ultimately on Mr. George Lucas himself. It is nothing but utmost dictatorship to refuse to renew licensing of a functional game that since 2003 is known as the MMORPG, or mother of all MMOs. I am upset that some Marketing guys that obviously know nothing about gaming communities think they can decide over tens of thousands of players who live parts of their lives in a virtual world and enjoy that --- whether that life style is good for the individual or not, that is another animal. Who at LucasArts thinks he is Emperor Palpatine so he may decide? Mr. George Lucas?

Whoever ... this decision reveals LucasArts utmost failure to support and cherish their own Star Wars fans. Their failure to support thousands of individuals who have spent money and time on their products reveal that anything with a LucasArts label can be shut down at any time soon. Any franchising business should take care: do not build long-lasting bonds with anything having a LucasArts label as the license may be withdrawn or not renewed at any premature date.

This decision also displays that LucasArts fail to support the female gender. SWG is one of the few games that attract thousands of girls, moms, and grand-moms, probably because it affords so much more than pure combat, including great options for socializing and building communities.

Today no other game exists that may compete with the diversity and and complexity of SWG. There are many other games that excel in one or a few areas, but none if them is as complete as SWG is; this makes SWG outshine any other concurrent game, because of its diversity.

Yes, SWG is somewhat old (launched 2003) but age is never a reason to quit anything, certainly not if it works and still yield a decent revenue. On the contrary, over the years more and more content have been added. New games are usually launched shiny and slick, but with tons of bugs and quite lean content, not to say meager.

LucasArts reveals that its staff has missed all of their Business 101 classes that any college gives when they broke rule number one: Competition drives quality, and supports it diversity. With this decision LucasArts withdraws all competition for SW-branded MMORPGs, it reveals a dictatorship that rumbles the ground in any commercially driven society. But worst is, their decision disregards human individuals completely and thus LucasArts display the ugliest face of capitalism, an uglier face than Emperor Palpatine had.

The utmost responsible is Mr. George Lucas, with due respect, once again George failed to listen to his gut feelings but swallowed advice from his Marketing and Legal staff. You should listen more to the instincts you followed in mid-1970s.

Resource and schematic data are obtained from SWGCraft.org and these are submitted and maintained by players like you and me. Hence, submit news and/or missing data at SWGCraft to help yourself and the community. 

Thanks for your feedback and support.
Zimoon @ FarStar

First time installation:
  • Download the SWGAide.zip file.
  • Find the read-me file inside the zip-file.
  • Create a new folder for SWGAide.
  • Drop the SWGAide.jar file from the zip file into the new folder.
  • Create a shortcut at your desktop for the jar file.
  • Launch SWGAide by double-clicking its icon -- see below on Win 7/Vista.
  • Follow the instructions: chiefly that is to help SWGAide find the location of SWG.
Update instructions:
  • Download the new zip-file.
  • Optionally move the old JAR file to for example "backups".
  • In "backups", if SWGAide.bak is old: copy the SWGAide.DAT file to somewhere.
  • Put the new JAR file in the place of the old one.
  • Launch SWGAide as usual.

Misc :
  • Windows 7 & Vista
    carefully read the read-me file about administrative and security settings.

  • Help, Information, and FAQ: 
    • Within the ZIP file, find a read-me text file.
    • Press F1 or the Help menu for help on the current window.
    • After first launch of SWGAide, find a index.html file.

  • Support forum:  SWGAide at SWGCraft.org.
  • System requirements: Java JRE v. 6 -- http://java.com

    • Always retain at least one zip file as backup.
    • SWGAide version 0.9.8 beta (April 30, 2011):  SWGAide_0_9_8.zip


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SWGAide is open source hosted at SourceForge.net ---- contact me to join the team.

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