Simone Seth

Domain Expertise: Information Security, Information Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Data Privacy & Outsourcing Risk Management





President of the New York Metro Information System Security Association (NYMISSA)



 §         Information Security Forum World Congress: Barcelona, Nov 2008, The practitioner's guide to outsourcing and off-shoring

§  How to manage outsourcing risk: Follow the yellow brick road, Capetown South Africa, December 2007

§         Monitoring Information Security Compliance, Middle East IT Security Conference, Dubai, November 2007

 §         Information Security and Compliance Risk, Indian bank Association Conference, June 2007

§         Session Chair: Data Privacy: What does this really mean for global firms? International Institute for Information Integrity June 2002

§         Session Chair: Data Privacy: Practical Implementation Considerations, The Executive Women’s Forum, September 2003

§         Session Panelist: Wall Street, Government and Regulations, Cyber security in the Financial Services Sector Executive Summit, October 2003

§         Session Chair: Outsourcing, Information Security and Privacy, International Institute for Information Integrity, February 2004

§         Session Chair: Data Destruction & Return on Value of end of life cycle assets, C3 Expo, New York, June 2005



§         Elected member of the International Institute for Information Integrity’s Membership Advisory Committee

§         Member of the Security Industry Association

§         Board Member - Executive Women's Forum

§         President - NYM ISSA Chapter

§         Member – National Association of Female Executives



§         Wireless LANS, 2006

§         Monitoring Information Security Compliance, 2007

§         Outsourcing and Offshoring Risk Management, 2008

§         Dark Reading Magazine, 2007

§         Shattered Magazine, 2006



Fluent in Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu


Simone Seth is a business leader with more than twenty years of progressive program management and leadership experience in the financial services industry. She is a distinguished industry leader and visionary focused on providing fast, secure, high quality governance, information security, risk management, and regulatory compliance based solutions, generating return on investment, enabling firms to move from efficiency and productivity gains toward value creation and business effectiveness. Simone is distinguished from other information security professionals by her business acumen and focus – she has often been quoted as saying, "First and foremost, I am a business professional. Secondly, I am a leader who has domain expertise in the areas of outsourcing management, information security and risk management, regulatory compliance and data privacy." She is dedicated to building eminence by contributing as a trusted advisor to senior management a deliver risk management and governance programs that support enhanced and sustainable stakeholder value, while minimizing financial, technical, regulatory, operational and security risks.


Currently Simone, a Director at Pricewaterhouse Coopers is serving as a senior Industry Researcher and supporting the efforts of the Information Security Forum (ISF), an association, dedicated to researching and writing about leading information risk management and information security business practices in today's global marketplace to support its 300+ Member companies. She is responsible for creating a business presence in the Americas for the ISF and her strategic efforts focus on increasing existing Member involvement and creating opportunities for US based Fortune 50 companies to join the organization. Simone, using her 20 years of business expertise and information risk management experience is dedicated to providing thought leadership and expert consulting services to Members in the arena of Outsourcing Management, Information Security, Information Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Information Security Governance and IT Governance. Her background positions her to be able to forecast trends in the arenas of security, privacy, governance and compliance.

Simone Seth was formerly the Director for IT Governance & Compliance at Citigroup. She was responsible for developing and deploying an IT Governance, Risk Management and Controls Compliance Program to support the Citigroup Technology Services Group (CTSG), a part of the Global Consumer Group (GCG) Division of Citigroup. GCG supports over 200 million customers and had net revenues in excess of $21.5B in 2004. Her strategic efforts focused on providing governance support to business and technology senior executive management teams to ensure that Information Technology was used in a manner that contributed to enhanced and sustainable stakeholder value, while minimizing financial, operational, technical, regulatory and reputational risk. Her primary focus was on reducing the probability of civil/ criminal penalties resulting from non compliance with laws in various International, Federal, and State jurisdictions, the probability of damaged consumer confidence regarding the proper management of personal information, and the probability of litigation resulting from the improper use or inadequate protection of legally protected Information. And as always, she was committed to the effective management cost, capital and risk as she delivered the program at Citigroup.


Prior to joining Citigroup, Simone was a Director at Deutsche Bank. She served in two capacities concurrently - as the Chief Privacy Officer leading the Global Data Privacy Program and the Chief Operating Officer for the global Information Risk Management Program. She was charged with developing and managing Deutsche Bank’s a risk management based compliance process to safeguard personal information assets. In the Privacy arena, Simone’s organization was responsible for identifying and mitigating Deutsche Bank’s regulatory, business and legal risk profile. Her strategic efforts focused on reducing the probability of civil/ criminal penalties resulting from non compliance with laws in various International, Federal, and State jurisdictions, the probability of damaged consumer confidence regarding the proper management of personal information, and the probability of litigation resulting from the improper use or inadequate protection of Personal Information. Implementation of Simone’s comprehensive global Privacy compliance strategy allowed Deutsche Bank to maximize the value of its information assets while affording appropriate protections and served to enhance competitive advantage associated with the management of personal information.


In addition to her Privacy responsibilities, Simone was the Americas Chief Operating Officer for the Information Risk Management organization. Her responsibilities included managing the relationships with the business organizations to ensure that the ROI associated with Information Security was communicated and realized. Her expertise in information security allowed her to architect Deutsche Bank’s information security Risk Assessment and Management Methodology as well as develop a series of tools used by the Information Security professionals in their delivery of risk management services globally.


Known as an innovator in the financial services industry, Simone’s approach goes beyond the standard concepts of the reduction of risk using cost effective solutions. Building on her 20 plus years of experience as a business professional with a subject matter expertise in the arena of Information Security, Simone has introduced the concept of the re-usable data assets. She has developed a revenue generation strategy resulting from the cross organizational sharing of confidential personal data assets while satisfying regulatory requirements. This strategy exploits the technologies associated with metadata repositories and enables an institution to cross sell products across business silos. Industry specialists have praised this unique approach as forward thinking, unconventional and provocative.


In a constantly evolving world with rapidly changing business paradigms, the key to success in adaptability. Designing flexible solutions that adapt to changing economic models is integral to Simone’s philosophy. She has often stated her strategic approach is based on being adaptable and responsive to the events in the global economy. During a recent speaking engagement, Simone was quoted as stating “Focusing on one industry or one country is not an effective approach to progressing an institutions agenda. Firms must be cognizant of the overall global economic climate and must have flexible 2, 3 and 4-year strategies that can rapidly adapt to unexpected economic and political peaks and valleys. Institutions must be sensitive to not just their industry but to their place in the various national critical infrastructures.” Simone’s professional philosophy can be summed up by her personal slogan – “Flexibility and adaptation.” Her strategic vision focusing on managing capital, cost and risk in a volatile economic environment has led her to create streamlined solutions that are highly attractive to her business clients.


Simone’s various leadership positions and the high level of professional respect she has garnered across the industry as an Information Risk Management expert is the result of hands on opportunities in many different control disciplines. She has held a variety of positions in the financial services industry specializing in the areas of Information Security, Business Continuity, Security Architecture, and Regulatory Risk Management. Her philosophy about Information Risk Management control frameworks is holistic and one of designing solutions that are responsive to business needs, modular and cost effective.


Further, Simone has made an innovative contribution to “outsourcing” efforts in the Asia Pacific region. As a native of India, Simone’s fluency in various Indian languages and intimate understanding of Indian culture coupled with her expert understanding of the Indian economy makes her a powerful agent in advancing the agenda of American institutions in that increasingly important environment. Her technology background and her comprehensive understanding of American/ Western business practices empower her to bridge the gap between these two disparate cultures.


On a personal note, Simone lives in New York and has travelled extensively throughout the world. She has a Masters of Science from Columbia University and a Masters of Business Administration from Baruch College, CUNY. Her Bachelors degree is from Queens College, CUNY. In addition to her professional work, Simone is actively involved in a variety of diversity and mentoring programs throughout the New York City area. She does extensive volunteer work throughout the Indian community in New York. She works actively to promote the integration of the two cultures in the youth of the Indian community. She is quoted as saying, “At the risk of sounding hackneyed, I must say that having had both wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful professional experiences, I feel compelled to share my hard won lessons of experience with the youth in my community. I take pride in seeing the young professionals I coach land prestigious positions. Most importantly however, I endeavour to instil my most important belief in my young students’ minds – that is, that personal integrity should never be compromised for a job. Ethics coupled with professional expertise and a willingness to respect others is the key to success.”