welcome to my homepage.

I am an economic sociologist interested in money (not so much in making it, but I accept donations). I subscribe to the view that capitalism is an inherently conflictual system, that capitalist conflict is always moralized, and that markets can be the sworn enemy of capitalists. I teach in the Department of Sociology at the University of Virginia, where I have been since getting a PhD from UPenn in 2008. I spent the 2017-8 academic year on sabbatical leave at the Institute for Society and Genetics at UCLA, where I finished a book manuscript on social knowledge and the "data-theory-method triad," with a specific focus on financial economics.

I am the author of Conservatives Versus Wildcats: A Sociology of Financial Conflict (2013, Stanford University Press), where I develop a typology of banking to argue that the struggle between organizations embodying different banking strategies constitutes the central dynamic behind the expansion and contraction of financial systems (their boundaries are zones of conflict that regulate access to financial instruments).

A joint project (with Brad Pasanek), dealing with money, and more specifically with the history of the concept of liquidity, led to a special issue of the Journal of Cultural Economy. Routledge published it in January 2013 as a book. If you have $140 to spare, knock yourself out here.

Other works in progress include a series of empirical papers on generalized trust, and in particularits relationship with globalization; a set of theoretical and empirical papers on finance; and theoretical work on the sociology of the self (with Erika Summers-Effler).

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