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Robot World is here!
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          Assassin Creed Vs Cooking Mama =)

New apps are coming!

- iStarLight
- LightLine
So fantastic!

    Maya Machine is here!
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    iWalking first in "New and noteworthy" Navigation iPad! Get it now for free!

    iWalking on iPad:

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Mutation is here:

    My new and incredible game is here.

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    I opened a forum to discuss and have fun! Come there!

    New game:

    New game is coming!


    We're 16!
    Yes, with the incredible new "Anagram" app in all major languages,
    applications signed "Simone Muggeo" are 16!

    It's just the begin:

    My first application is "CarKey", a beautiful and revolutionary key for your car with his keychain totally editable        with your personal photo or image!
    Now at 0.99 $!