Trustee Lightfoot understands public policy and how to navigate the politics of public education.  She understands the benefits of operating from strategic and sustainable planning verses from crisis to crisis, or a wait and see posture.

Key issues facing the district include, but are not limited to: 

  • Revenue Generation & Budget Shortfalls
  • Achievement
  • Transportation
  • Consolidation of Services, Programs & Locations
  • Communication 

Trustee Lightfoot suggests we:

  • Enhance revenue generation (in addition to but) beyond mileages and bond proposals.
  • Leverage and market district assets in areas the district has demonstrated success.
  • Strategically engage the local, regional and national media.
  • Expanded use of the culinary arts program throughout the district for feasible food service to include limited catering.
  • Appropriate advertising on the districts website, buses, gymnasiums and athletic fields.
  • Sell surplus assets through online auctions.
  • Improve responsiveness, communication and transparency at all levels.
  • Improve efforts and outcomes regarding parental input, suggestions and involvement.
  • Curtail spending by considering strict enforcement of  “necessary only” new hires and by instituting a wage freeze for everyone to whom the district is not otherwise contractually obligated.
  • Explore shared services and purchases with other districts, between buildings, and among staff.
  • Review all contracted services in order to leverage opportunities to institute reductions and cost modifications while also considering terminations. The district should bring the work in house where feasible.
  • Review programs and their locations for consolidation.
  • Tap student and staff talent to cut costs in the areas of staff development, training, communications, publications, public policy solutions and consulting.
  • Increased the frequency in facility rentals.