Board Record


Since joining the board, Trustee Lightfoot has been recognized as a voice of reason.  She has front line experience:
•    Making board appointments 

•    Hiring and evaluating superintendents

•    Ushering in a special education mileage renewal 

•    Helping the district launch an International Baccalaureate program

•    Engaging staff and mentoring students


Trustee Lightfoot has a special affinity for enlisting dissenting perspectives. She works hard to hear the community, readily accepting cell phone calls, responding to countless e-mails and meeting with any constituent that makes a request.  

Trustee Lightfoot supports:

We have to take on Lansing in order to advocate for giving back mileage control to all districts individually with a sharing mechanism designed to reduce county-wide inequity.  For example, if residents of AAPS district are willing to contribute money to our schools to reduce class sizes the law should permit it

Instead of coping, adjusting and serving as a net exporter of young talent to the other areas, Michigan must recognize that every year adults take to “get it right,” is at the expense of children's education.




Trustee Lightfoot has worked hard with her board colleagues to usher in changes such as (but not limited to):

- From day one, Trustee Lightfoot has used her experience as a deputy chief of staff in the state legislature to urge direct engagement of the legislative process and to work more closely with the district's legislative delegation.

-Trustee Lightfoot helped organize the first ever legislative round-table forum between the Ann Arbor School Board and legislators from around the county.

-Trustee Lightfoot was appointed to Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) Government Relations committee as the district representative 

Trustee Lightfoot pushed, at times fought and in fact achieved a district commitment to finally craft an actual, document that will serve as its achievement gap plan including goals and accountability measures.

Trustee Lightfoot has been instrumental in expanding the districts community outreach.  She spearheaded two successful community town hall meetings that brought out over 100 participants to review and understand district MEAP score results.  

Board Leadership

Trustee Lightfoot has maintained and independent voice while working as a team. 

•    Serves as Board Parliamentarian

•    Member of the Planning committee

•    Member of the District School Improvement Team

•    Board liaison to the Youth Senate

•    District representative in Lansing with the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) member of the Government Relations committee

Key Votes

Trustee Lightfoot stands by her convictions, votes her values and listens to her constituents.  While every vote is important, two recent high profile votes captured community attention.  

•    Trustee Lightfoot voted NO to increase the superintendent’s salary

•    Trustee Lightfoot voted NO on the last budget due to proposed changes to transportation

Track Record

Automatic 8th Grade Algebra Enrollment

Just a few months after taking office, Trustee Lightfoot took the lead in having the district respond to parents requests for a two-part town hall meeting to review and discuss student achievement and MEAP scores.  Over 100 members of the community participated and the idea of automatically having all 8th graders enrolled in Algebra was born.  That concept has now been implemented in the district for the 2011-2012. 


Trustee Lightfoot has been a leading voice around achievement.  She has worked tirelessly to convince her colleagues that the district deserves a comprehensive achievement gap plan that includes goals, time lines, and accountability measures.  This past June the administration publicly communicated their intentions to craft an achievement gap plan that includes the input of parents, students, staff and the new Superintendent. 


Early on in the 2011 budget process Trustee Lightfoot expressed concern around proposed cuts to transportation services, the necessary time required for responsible planning and the despaired impact such a change would have on families.  She voted against such efforts citing a need for more administrative research, details and time to communicate to parents.    

Trustee Lightfoot responded to public outcry by lobbying her colleagues for a special meeting and met with the director of the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) in an effort to explore possibilities for partnerships and assistance with district transportation challenges. Ultimately, key common sense modifications that improved safety, increased pick up points and allayed some parental concerns were made.  


Trustee Lightfoot responded to district employees request to meet regarding privatization.  She listened to their concerns around having to potentially remove their children from the district, pension loss, increased costs to health care with greatly reduced benefits.  Trustee Lightfoot did the research and was most helpful in urging her colleagues not to privatize the maintenance and custodial staff of the AAPS. 

When the Board moved forward to merge transportation with the Washtenaw Intermediate School District, Trustee Lightfoot insisted that fair wages and adequate health care at a reasonable rate be included in the WISD contract.  Lightfoot also advocated that the administration secure assurance from WISD that AAPS district drivers would be hired.