Simon Dedman

Shark Scientist and Spatial Modeller in San Carlos, California

Paper 5: Delineation and mapping of coastal shark habitat within a shallow lagoonal estuary: paper
Paper 4: A software tool to simplify spatial modelling and Marine Protected Area planning: paper, presentation, CAPAM presentation, graphics
Paper 3: Towards a flexible Decision Support Tool for MSY-based Marine Protected Area design for skates and rays: paper, presentation, graphics
Paper 2: Advanced Spatial Modeling to Inform Management of Data-Poor Juvenile and Adult Female Rays: paper, graphics
Paper 1: Modelling abundance hotspots for data-poor Irish Sea rays: paper, presentation, graphics
Dissertations: Doctoral, Masters, Bachelors
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San Carlos, CA, USA    Teddington, UK
#diving  #snowboarding  #arsenalfc  #sfgiants  #cycling  #IT
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