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Hayle Mill from the North East circa 1870

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Film of papermaking at Hayle Mill in 1976

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"Papermaking at Hayle Mill" by Maureen Green 

This site mainly relates to handmade papermaking at Hayle Mill; its history (page to be added later), papers, tools, archives and publications.  It also includes details of paper, moulds and felts for sale. I hope that you will find my site a useful source of information but please bear in mind that it is published for guidance only and the stocks, prices and other information may change from time to time. Publication of information in my web site does not indicate any legal offer or contract. Please contact me by e-mail for up to date information on availability, price etc.

Hayle Mill was built in 1808 and operated by the Green family from 1813 to 1987 when production of handmade paper ended. As will be seen from the details below, I still have substantial stocks of paper, felts and  moulds.

Paper stocks fall into two main groups: The first is those made since 1975 which are acid free, alkaline sized. The first alkaline sized hand-made papers in the world were made at Hayle Mill in 1965 and the Mill  introduced the first alkaline sized watercolour papers in 1968. The second is the collection of watercolour papers, many classic types made before 1975 which were gelatin sized. 

I have the most technically interesting collection of papermaking moulds in the western world. Approximately 100, selected by the later Edo Loeber, the undisputed authority on moulds, are being kept as a permanent collection. However a further 100 are listed here for sale to papermakers and collectors. Other plant and equipment is also for sale.

Valley Beater for sale  

25 lb Valley Beater with stainless steel bedplate and fly bars, motor, stand, pump (for bedplate flushing).  This is a very rare item (only 6 are known to have been built) and suitable for small scale commercial production. It has been so little used that the original machining marks are visible on the fly bars.

Please see attachment showing all stocks in a better layout.

The Hayle Mill Archives are regarded as unique in British papermaking history in terms of their scope and completeness. This is unusual as most companies disposed of their records by intent or accident and very few paper companies survive that existed in anything like their present form prior to 1900. Hayle Mill collection mainly dates from the 1830s to 2001 and is particularly complete from 1850. In addition the archive collection is complemented by the unrivalled collection of paper samples and the finest collection of paper making moulds in Europe.

My wife Maureen has been researching the archives for a number of years as a postgraduate student of the University of London.  To date she has completed a masters degree and is working towards her PhD.  Elements of her research have been incorporated into a limited edition book beautifully published by Claire van Vliet at the Janus Press in Vermont.