What I do....

I wrote that I do research for BT, but that's not really true. Researcher is a generic term for people working in cutting edge projects, but it make people think about someone who is measuring tiny variations in systems or proving fundamental properties; establishing facts.

What I do is create new systems and ways of working for my company and then sell them internally in order to change our business. 

   An example of this approach was the Debatescape project which has had substantial impact and profile in the UK - it is probably the first and most comprehensive, sophisticated and advanced Social CRM solution that has been developed to date and has been used by BT to resolve many tens of thousands of customer issues.    

Professional Achievements  

I did a Ph.D at the University of Portsmouth, my supervisor was Professor Max Bramer who is chairman of the BCS Specialist Group on AI. 

I was a visiting fellow at the University of Southampton until 2006.

I was co-chair of the industry track at AAMAS-05 

I have published more than 50 refereed papers and books and so on, details on them can be found here.

I have filed as a named inventor more than 20 patent families (they split them into loads of applications for some reason). I am rather dubious about patents in software, but I think that some of the ideas that we've protected have been really interesting. Usually the ones I like the most attract the most attention from the patent office! 

I have collaborated on long term research projects with The University of Manchester, University of Southampton, University of Cardiff, University of Aberdeen and University of Monash, Australia.  

I was a work package leader on the Agentcities Project. We were finalists in the Descartes Prize.

I also maintain the Zeus project, but it's quite quiet nowadays (although there are still a significant number of weekly downloads and the system is still used to teach agent concepts at a number of places). My theological position has moved on quite a way since I got involved with Zeus and caught the Agent bug, and I now think that Agent systems like Zeus are too hard to program, and too hard to predict in operation, for them every to become the next big thing. Of course, there are quite a lot of Agent systems that are not like Zeus. For example, the Kreno Project at BT has developed an Agent system that is quite unlike Zeus in almost all ways! 

For 2006-2014 I am a member of the EPSRC College and I have been selected to serve as an expert evaluator for the European Union's FP7 initiative. I am a member of the Defence Science Advisory Committee serving the UK Ministry of Defence with scientific advice when requested.