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MX610-notification informs for new unread messages with your mouse's IM-led and raises the conversation window with a press of the IM-button.

There are four types of notifications:

  • Normal - Lights continuously, fade in and out
  • Pulse - Pulsing, fades in and out continuously
  • Flash - Flashing
  • Instant on/off - Lights continuously, doesn't fade

You must have hiddev-support enabled in your kernel, and read-write-permissions for the user running Pidgin to that hiddev-devicefile for this plugin to work. Latest version works with Pidgin 2.*.*.

Thanks to Brad Hards for great job hacking the mouse and sharing us the information he found out.


  • Unpack the package and move to the created directory
  • Edit Makefile (Shouldn't be necessary)
  • make
  • make install installs plugin to per-user ~/.purple/plugins -directory

 If you want to install plugin system-wide for all users, just copy to /usr/lib/pidgin or /usr/lib64/pidgin, depending on your distro.

And yes, this only works with Linux.


For Pidgin:

mx610-notification-0.5.tar.bz2 (11kt)

 Pics & Screenshots