Additional Resources

Make sure to check out our Simmons Goes Fit Workout 

Video created by the women of Biology 246 

in the spring of 2010. Click HERE or view below!

SGF Workout Video

Here are some additional websites that you can check out for further 

information on improving your health.

1. MyPyramid - Allows you to evaluate your dietary needs for maintaining a proper and balanced diet. You can log your food and exercise and determine health risks, calculates BMI, and how much you should be working out.

2. Dorm Room Diet - Created by Dr. Oz's daughter, this website offers some excellent workouts and exercises that you can do in a small space. It may inspire those who fear the gym to be more physically active. 

3. Self Magazine and Shape Magazine - Both of these wonderful magazines have websites that have all their articles and information online for free. Learn about the latest food, exercise and personal health trends to make small but useful adjustment to your everyday life. 

4. Mens Health Magazine - Who said that exercise is just for men?! This site has many workout tricks and tips that can be used for males as well as females. 

5. American Heart Association is a good health reference for maintaining a healthy heart.

6. YouTube - A great resource for accessing quick workout videos. You can search for specific exercises and routine. The best part? Its FREE!

7. FitDay - Allows you to track your eating habits and exercise patterns in a convenient way.

8. Start Walking Now - Website all about the easiest form of exercise... Walking! 

9. National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity - Daily articles on physical activity that will help keep you motivated to keep moving everyday.

10. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute WeCan! Program - Information on eating healthy, staying active, and reducing sedentary activities.  

Still not convinced that exercise is important to your health?! 

Check out these articles...

1. Even More Reasons to Get a Move On - New York Times article - March 1st, 2010

2. In Obesity Epidemic, What's One Cookie? - New York Times article - March 1st, 2010

3. Screening May Save Athletes - New York Times article - March 1st, 2010