Head Instructor 
Bruce Kanegai, Godan 
Bruce began training in 1965 at Santa Monica dojo.  His early years were tough but he displayed tremendous energy, spirit, and warmth at practice and Special Training where he became an inspirational senior.  Bruce started the CSUN karate club with Chris Hunt in 1970 and the Simi / Moorpark club in 1974.  Since then, Bruce has developed a large following of Simi karate students who have also taken his art classes and backpacking courses.  In 1976, Bruce received the International Rotary Fellowship Grant to study in France for a year where he became well connected with our international dojos.   He also taught Police Officer Survival with Jordan Roth.  Seeking out new challenges in 1980, Bruce ran the 220 mile John Muir Trail in the Sierra Mountains to set a new record.  The following year, he was selected as the SKA Western Region Man of the Year for his contributions to the organization.   During 2003, he survived a terrible rattlesnake bite that almost took his life and was the subject of a documentary.  Bruce is also famous for his inspirational participation on the television show "Survivor".  When not practicing, Bruce enjoys spending time with his wife and family, and connecting with his many fans at speaking engagements and events.  There's never a dull moment!

Assisting Black Belts

Lee Quintanar, Yodan

Lee began training in 1974 at Simi Shotokan.  Previously he had trained in Aikido and Tae Kwon Do.  He has practiced and lived near the university Shotokan clubs at Colorado State at Boulder, Stanford, Arizona State, and Notre Dame.  Lee also has participated in international Shotokan events in Israel, Japan, and Curacao.  He was privileged to receive his Yodan in 2010 from Mr. Ohshima.  Lee works in the technology and communications industries, has a side business, and enjoys salsa dancing and spending time with family and friends. 

Peyton Glover, Nidan

Peyton began training in 1969 with Godan Ron Thom.  At that time the SKA was the Southern California Karate Association.  After completing high school and his military service, he began training with Godan Bruce Kanegai in 1977.  When not practicing, he enjoys time with his family and works as an independent financial adviser.

Kathy Stewart, Nidan

Kathy began training in 2001 under Bruce Kanegai.  In 2010, she represented SKA on the USA team at the worldwide international competition in Israel.  She has also participated in the Canadian SKC competition in Vancouver.  Kathy is a regular at the yearly Nisei Week karate competition (oldest USA karate competition) and we are privileged to have her as part of our dojo and as a co-teacher especially with our karate kids. 

Will Christopher, Black belt

Will started training with JKA in 1978 under Hidetaka Nishiyama and passed his Yondan exam in 2000.  He trained in Iaido with Toshishiro Obata and obtained a 4th kyu.  Moreover, Will has a brown level in judo and trained in the mixed martial art of Brazilian ninjutsu.  After an eight year break, Will started with Simi Shotokan and is enjoying a focus on timing and basics.  If you have the right timing, you will always be successful.  Inner spirit is key and makes the difference in surviving every aspect of life.

Visiting Black Belts
The Simi Valley dojo is fortunate to often receive visiting black belts who share and add their experience in the strong spirit of our practices.  These include Danny Morales (Yodan), April Warynick (Sandan), Jim Martin (Shodan), and more.  Recently we hosted a Simi practice and visit from Godan Eli Cohen from Israel Shotokan who is writing a book about Mr. Ohshima.

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