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Shotokan Karate of America
Shotokan Karate of America (SKA) is a nonprofit organization that has been teaching traditional karate-do in the United States since 1955.  SKA was founded and is led by Tsutomu Ohshima.  Mr. Ohshima is also recognized as the chief instructor of many other SKA-affiliated national Shotokan organizations worldwide. SKA maintains its national headquarters in Los Angeles.

Mission Statement: 
The mission of Shotokan Karate of America is "To preserve, perpetuate, and advance the legacy of Shotokan Karate for the betterment of the lives of those who train, and to contribute positively to human history."

Contact information:  You can contact SKA by phone during business office hours, sending a letter to their mailing address, or by email.  This information and more can be found at the main SKA website:  www.ska.org.   For general questions about SKA, including membership, you can send email to: hq@ska.org

Simi Valley Dojo 
"The Simi Valley dojo began in 1974 and has continued to be the premier karate training site for Ventura county.  The dojo has received various awards most recently the SKA national dojo of the year award in 2008.  It has always been a strong dojo that has been focused on precise technique, strong spirit, advanced methods, and realistic fighting strategies.  This has no doubt been a result of the unbridled enthusiasm, penetrating mentality, and artistic excellence under the expert tutelage of our instructor, Godan Bruce Kanegai."  - Lee Quintanar, Yodan

The Simi Valley Dojo is located at:
   Rancho Santa Susana Community Center
   5005 East Los Angeles Ave
   Simi Valley, CA, 93063
(805) 584-4400
For questions regarding practice, contact:
Instructor Bruce Kanegai at survivorbruce@gmail.com
For questions regarding registration and fees, contact:

Or you can go to online registration by clicking on www.rsrpd.org, Online Registration, and do a search for "Shotokan" to find a class.  Or CLICK HERE to try an automated class search.

Website created by Lee Quintanar and Linda Ladd Shintaku.  Many thanks to Curt Wvong at Cupertino dojo for generously letting us copy his site and answering our many questions!  Thanks also to Steve at Valley Dojo for letting us borrow belt rankings graphics and text.  Lastly we'd like to thank Ohshima Sensei, the members of our dojo, Bruce Kanegai, our supporters, and everyone in Shotokan Karate of America who have been so helpful over the years as we jointly strive for a deeper understanding of this art.
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