SimerLab Paris

SimerLab Paris, is Research and Development laboratory that specializes in electronic and mechanical engineering.  SimerLab realizes its technology transfer objectives by identifying projects with commercial potentials and by encouraging researchers to promote their studies and findings toward applied industrial applications. 
SimerLab's team offers a high level of ability and combines extensive experience in analog design, micro-controllers, sensors, actuators, RF design, power supplies, and development with a multidisciplinary approach to product development., design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.  Experience and art design are brought together to move from prototypes to high quality products. 

SimerLab est une entreprise fondée par Janick Simeray, qui mènent des développement de produits issus de son laboratoire ou pour des partenaires. L'équipe de 5 personnes possèdent les expertises complémentaires en idéation, en conception électronique et mécanique, en prototypage et en gestion de production. De plus SimerLab a un réseau de partenaires commerciaux pour la distribution de ses produits à l'international.
    From ideas and questions to writing patents,
    from writing patents to making prototypes...

    and from prototypes to production.