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    Not standing on the ground, but hanging from it... 


    Robert Buckminster-Fuller designed and built some enigmatic towers- tensegral towers, which at first don't look right at all...

    We are accustomed to  compressile structures, where the various elements rest on each other, in pure compression. After all, we've been building like this since building began; stones piled on more stones, with flat stones to keep out the weather.

    Fuller's towers combine both compression and tension -


Each cell consists of a compressile system in the form of a tetrahedron. The central sphere, here exaggerated for clarity, absorbs the compression from the four tubular struts. The integrity of the cell is ensured by the tensile wires which complete it.


      Although conceived as a tower, this structural system could be employed for any beam, truss, connecting rod. 

It's lightness and strength, derived from the cunning use of tension wherever possible, are remarkable.

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