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Daniel's Co-axial escapement



    ... an Octal Escape-wheel - probably for a heavy balance beating 14,400 A/h (2 Hz.)


    The amplitude of the balance is limited here, for clarity - normally it would be at least 270°

Escapement sequence:                                                        Click to enlarge images. 


1/. The balance is towards the limit of its excursion, towards the right.

The octagonal escape-wheel is retained by the upper detent.

2/. An elliptical pin on the balance roller enters the fork in the detent lever and begins to disengage the upper detent.



3/. The co-axial star wheel    leads the detent lever across, ready to engage the lower detent. 

This also provides security - one or other of the detents must always block the escapement - for a 'run-away' 'scape wheel will invariably be wrecked...


4/. The lower detent is engaged, and the balance continues its excursion freely.

5/. As the balance returns the detent lever is led to the left, releasing the lower detent...



6/. ...allowing the escape-wheel proper to give an impulsion to the balance.



7/. As the impulse pallet leaves the wheel, the upper detent re-engages - the cycle begins again.

The escape wheel is driven by a toothed wheel (not shown) which engages with the foremost impulse wheel.