PAGE 1: Simba's Puppy Photos

Hi I'm Simba, the German Shorthaired Pointer, at eight weeks old.
Mom made sure to buy me lots of chewing toys so that I would stay away from her shoes.

I really like my new home.

Picture of puppy in wreath
 I would rather wear the wreath than that dumb hat.Image of puppy taking a nap

Every once in a while I give mom a break and take a short nap.  A very short nap because I'm afraid of missing something.
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Peek a boo!

I get my very own pillow.   I'm so special!

Picture of Simba as a puppy with her chew rope

Picture of puppy eating
Mom says that stainless steel bowls are best for me because they don't harbor germs.  I personally don't care as long as there is something yummy inside. 
puppy sleeping
I didn't sleep too long as a puppy but I did like to take short naps here and there.
What's in this grass that's making me itch?  Mom says I have allergies.

My favorite past time is catching a ball in the air.

This is my mom.  She makes me happy.  It looks like I make her 
very happy too.

Ten week old German Shorthaired Pointer at Christmas
Mom wanted me to wear this dumb hat.  I hope no one sees the pictures. Augh!