Binomial Name:
 Parasaurolophus walkeri


Rating: 3.5/5

Conservation Status: Extinct

Description: Parasaurolophus meaning "near crested lizard" is a Late Cretaceous hadrosaur found in Alberta, Canada. It walked both as biped and quadruped.

Did you know?
  *  Well preserved specimens of Parasaurolophus have enabled scientists to determine the very sounds its crest was able to produce. 

  *  Scientists originally thought the crest was used as a snorkel, so that Parasaurolophus could feed at the bottom of shallow lakes. 

  *  Despite its popularity, Parasaurolophus skeletons are rare.

The Parasaurolophus is officially my favourite herbivorous dinosaur, so naturally there’s no other reason for me to make this. This dino uses Stegosaur animations, which works pretty well for a hadrosaur, it even rears in-game. I added the skin flap for the males after much debating, as it actually completes the animal. Some of the features to note are the males’ mating skins and all new sounds for it. These sounds were generated by scientists using the cranial crest, which are assumed to produce its sound. It totally vibrates & echoes the whole zoo, if you have a herd of them!