Rails & Trains is a model railroading game for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

It provides two playing modes:

  • In the puzzle mode the player completes levels by finishing the road and bringing cars and locomotives to their destinations.
  • In the freeform mode the player builds and operates the road as he or she wills. It's possible to create custom levels in this mode as well.

Each level (and freeform playing also) starts in the building mode, where the railroad can be built from rails, cars and signals. After the railroad is ready, the player starts simulation. In the simulation mode, the player can operate locomotives, connections between cars, switches and signals.

The goal in the puzzle mode is to have all the color cars (and locomotives) positioned on rails with the same cars' colors.
In the freeform mode, there's no goal - the player operates the road as he or she likes.




Extra levels

Extra levels can be downloaded from here.


For Rails & Trains support, please contact me by email: