Silvio Cesare

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I am a PhD student at Deakin University My supervisor is Dr Yang Xiang.  I have a list of University awards and activities here.

A link to my blog which contains details of public projects that I'm working on. I haven't updated it in a while. You can also follow me on twitter I have a youtube channel with updates of my PhD research  I also put up a small amount of content on
Part of my research involves automated malware analysis and classification. For a bibiliography of my thesis, refereed papers and local copies, click here. You can also go to
I also have presented at several non refereed industry conferences including Blackhat, Cansecwest and Ruxcon. The presentations are available following this link. You can also go to
For a list of my opensource projects and patches click here.
I sometimes do vulnerability research, and some of my PhD work is based on automated vulnerability discovery where you can find such information here.
I have some random stuff here that doesn't fit anywhere else.
Quines A quine is a program that when run produces as output its own listing.  There are some links to websites on quines, and some quines I've written are also available.