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Silvia Stagg For President...2012 - 2040...until we get there!! 
 Your Contributions Are Necessary To Assist Silvia Stagg To Ballot Access In All Counties In Fifty States of these United States of America and US  Territories!

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Most Trusted Socioeconomic Programs

created by Silvia Stagg  

 Embrace The Future! 

Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs with Life Extension/Age Reversal w/Excellent Health For Age!
Silvia Stagg
Silvia Stagg For President Campaign Committee

1545 NW 7th Ave Miami Florida 33136



Ballot Access Status History
Join Silvia Stagg For President Grassroots Campaign!

In (1) Florida, (2) New York, (3-4) Texas (Texas Refiled Twice via Internet/USPS 11-30-13/12-5-13), (5) Minnesota, (6) Washington, (7) Illinois, (8) Michigan,
Tennessee, (10) Kentucky, (11) Ohio, (12) New Jersey, (13) South Carolina,
Connecticut, (15) Missouri, (16) California, (17) Colorado, (18) Nevada,
North Carolina, (20) Indiana, (21) Maine, (22) Montana, (23) Oregon (No Refiling), (24) Pennsylvania, (25) New Hampshire, (26) Rhode Island,
(27) Georgia, (28) West Virginia, (29) Wisconsin, et al.

Vote For Life Extension!

Vote For Silvia Stagg For President! 



Silvia Stagg is Accepting Applicants Registered w/FEC For General Election!


Those Interested In Serving As Vice President,

Kindly Contact Silvia Stagg at:

Submit Signed/Notarized Forms Attached! Thank you! - Silvia Stagg

(Note: Some Presidential Forms Are Also Included For Silvia Stagg)

 My Fellow Americans, Real Hope
                                For Infinite Life Extension! 

The White Christian European Descent Race Is Facing Race Extinction! Contact Your Congressional Representative In Washington - DC! Request Your Life Extension (Age Reversal) Healings!  U.S. House of Representatives Washington and/or US Senate - D.C. 20515  U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 & TTY: 202-225-1904 and


Public Email To US Congress!

 Below: Photograph of United  States Congress - Capitol Building 
Washington District of Columbia!

Your Contributions Are  Needed To Assist Silvia Stagg To Access All Ballots In All Counties In Each of All Fifty States of the United States and US Territories!


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Most Trusted Socioeconomic Programs

 created by Silvia Stagg  

Silvia Stagg For President Updates Below!
Above October 2013 Update w/FEC Candidate/Committee Info
Above June 26-2013 FEC Candidate/Committee Information!



Your Contributions  Are Always Needed...

Only US Citizens/US Residents Are Allowed To Give Campaign Contributions To US Candidates!  Contributions are limited to US$2,500.00 - US$5,000.00 (Twenty Five Hundred To Five Thousand US Dollars) Per Person Per Primaries-General Election Cycle.  We rarely have Runoffs. Yet, Runoffs allow for another US$2,500.00 in Contributions per person, Totaling: US$7,500.00 the most allowable per person.  Those Persons who wish to support my US Presidential Campaign via "electioneering communications" without contacting myself are allowed to make unlimited contributions. Donations most likely require an FEC Form Filed.  Contact the FEC/Federal Elections Commission  (999 E St NW WASH-DC 20463 T: 800-424-9530 F: 202-501-3413 and for Forms-Information regarding necessary filing of FEC Forms for Persons making Campaign Contributions.  Personal Contributions to Silvia Stagg (such as her status as a national security victim witness) do not require filing FEC Forms. Kindly state type of Donation-Campaign or Private!


 For Sending Donations To Silvia Stagg

via Bank wire or direct deposit to Miami,FL


Bank of America, NY 7-129-01-01
1900 Pine Ave Niagara Falls, NY 14301 - USA
Customer Service Telephone: 1-800-432-1000
Bank TEL: 1-716-285-9268  Bank FAX: 1-716-286-7056


Bank of America Routing Numbers Below

1)     International Wire: BOFAUS3N
2)     Domestic Wire:        026009593
3)     Domestic Non Wire-Direct Deposit Routing Number: 021000322


Bank of America Bank Account Numbers

1) Silvia Stagg's Personal Savings Account NO.:                   483032906838
2) Silvia Stagg's Campaign Fund Savings Account No.:     485010883531


 To Send Silvia Stagg Cash In Miami Florida (Dade County) 

via Money Wire/Money Transfer



- MoneyGram Cash: 1/800MoneyGram

- MoneyGram Cash - Spanish Speaking: 1/800-955-7777

-  Western Union Money Transfer: 1/800-225-5227



- Western Union Cash:

- MoneyGram Cash:

Kindly Emaill Silvia Stagg ( and give her your Name-Address-Phone-Citizenship/US Resident Status-. De To Possible Fraud, Only Cash Deposits or Money Wires/Transfers Are Accepted! 
Thank you! Silvia Stagg 
Donations Policy 

Silvia Stagg Does Not Prepay Any Money Handling-Mailing Fees.  Kindly Deduct Fees From Donation! Thank you!


Most Trusted Programs by Silvia Stagg

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Google (Direct Web Access)

Blogger (Must Have Blog And Be Invited)



























1) Facebook Address: silvia.stagg.1

2) To Access Time Line For Silvia Stagg:

3) To Send Email To Silvia Stagg:

Google+ @ silvia stagg @ silvia.stagg.1 @ silvia stagg @ silvia_stagg @ Silvia Stagg2 @ silvia stagg

Blogtrottr @ silvia stagg @ silvia stagg @ silvia stagg @ silviastaggforpresident @ silvia stagg @ Silvia Stagg - @ Silvia Stagg @ silvia stagg - @ silvia stagg


Photograph of 1960's NASA Moon Mission - NASA Astronauts First/Only Men To Walk The Moon!


DHS National Terrorism Advisory System: There is an active bulletin




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