I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is the Founder and CEO of SRoss Nutrition LLC. As a professional who studied and has an extensive experience with the community and individuals in different settings. I earned a Bachelors and Master Degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Hunter College, CUNY.  I am a firm believer that people need to follow their dreams and put them into practice.

      Throughout my schooling and professional years, I have received great guidance from professors and mentors. They have helped me to remain positive and committed to my dream. Furthermore, I have gained many other skills from internships, volunteering work and as a nutrition expert in various fields.

 During my volunteer years, I worked in different settings including food pantries where I learned about the poor nutrition habits and sad living conditions of homeless people. As a result of this experience, my passion for healthy and accessible food grew. When I was teaching the homeless woman and their children about healthy food, enthusiastically illustrated with samples how to make a healthier diet under a tied budget. I was surprised to know that they did what they could and had some type of knowledge of foods, but I was more upraised that they did not know how to prepare vegetables.

 Furthermore, while working with the adult and the elderly population, I observed the nutrition intervention needs. I would often manage to deliver outstanding nutrition information to the elderly and their family.

             Throughout my studies, I have grasped and acquired valuable skills, which I plan to use in order to help to diminish the outnumbering population of malnourished children in the future. Furthermore, through valuable research my goal to help non-profits and government institutions to overcome diseases, which are obtained by eating disorders. In addition, I will use my language skills to reach a wider diverse culture and help them build healthy living styles. Since I speak Spanish, English, Italian and French.

 In addition, I worked at the Grand Hyatt Hotel as a Front Office Agent for 14 years and obtaining customer service relation, I also worked as a Nutritionist Assistant at United Way of New York. I learned about local and organic produce.  I worked as a Consultant at United Way New York (UWNY). Where I was in charge of food quality control among other office tasks. In addition, as the Health Director for League of United Latin American Citizens known as LULAC, I worked on a campaign to promote fruits, vegetables and more whole-wheat grains in the Latino youth by developed events, speaking publically about the nutrition values and projects.  

Moreover, I did my dietetic internship with a prestigious company, Aramark. I worked on different nutrition-related competencies such as food service management, community and clinical nutrition inpatient/outpatient and clinical management. 

              Served the public with community service and education in different entities and willing to aid my clients with coaching and caring.  Where I was able to obtain sufficient experience on those subjects. Lastly, I have an extensive experience in customer services, nutrition, media, and marketing.

My passion for healthy lifestyles is already making a difference in my community and with my clients.  I understand that everyone  has “the WILLPOWER."


Working as an RDN- Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in the health industry kept me with little or no power to aid my patients or clients as I really wanted to. I was always asked to open up my own Private setting by patients and that’s when my decision was made.

 Simple as I aforementioned, I have an extensive experience and willingness of helping everyone as individuals. I believe that the person’s mind and soul wellness are important.

I am also a believer of Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Medicine (DIFM). 

I am a member of Latinos and Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition (LAHIDAN), member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators and other entities. 

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