Spicy Dishes (With Steamed Rice)

Please note: All prices shown are subject to change. Please call Silver Wok at (561)278-1437 if you have any questions. 
 Twice Cooked Pork$12.50 
 Mongolian Beef or Shrimp$13.50
 Chicken or Roast Pork with Scallions$12.50 
 Chicken or Roast Pork with Garlic Sauce$12.50 
 Beef or Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$13.50 
 General Tso's Chicken$13.50 
 Kung Po Chicken or Roast Pork$12.50
 Kung Po Shrimp or Beef$13.75 
 Szechuan Eggplant w/ Ground Pork$12.50 
 Szechuan Shrimp or Beef$13.50
 Szechuan Tofu with Vegetables$12.50 
 Szechuan Chicken or Roast Pork$12.50 
 Curry Shrimp or Beef$13.50 
 Curry Chicken$12.50