White doves have been recognized over the ages as symbols of love, peace, hope, faith & fidelity. 

Dove release has a great impact and is a enviromental friendly alternative to

balloon releases, rice or confetti.  

Our birds are strong flyers that have been bred and trained for releases

and can find their way home from great distances. 

We start training them as babies to fly from short distances back to the coop,

gradually increasing the distance  in each direction. 

They are swift flyers, being clocked with speeds of up to 70km / hr ,

most often beating us home to the coop and their apres flight treats. 

It is not known exactly how they do it, but the love of home inspires them to fly back. 

These birds are our pets, each with its own personality,

bringing the joy of caring for a beautiful creature to us.

It is thrilling to hear their wings and watch them head for the sky,

gather in a big circle,  find their bearings

and strike off to home.

proud mama