About the SCIC

The Community Improvement Corporation of Silverton (SCIC) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of advancing, encouraging and promoting the economic, commercial, retail and civic development of the City.    The SCIC's mission is to enhance the economic vitality of Silverton and maintain its outstanding quality of life through the retention and expansion of existing businesses, and to attract new businesses to the community. The Community Improvement Corporation's board of directors includes representation from leaders in the business community as well as the City of Silverton residents.


Vision:  "For the City of Silverton to be a premier City in the Greater Cincinnati region, with 1) attractive and vibrant business corridors and neighborhoods; and 2)diversity in its residential population, incomes, and housing opportunities."

Mission:  The mission of the SCIC is to revitalize the business district and to retain, expand, and attract capital investment and jobs to the City of Silverton. Some strategies used to implement our mission may include the use and promotion of local, state, and federal resources; providing financial assistance, tax incentives, and training/technical assistance programs to local businesses and residents.

Overall Goals:

  1. The Physical Revitalization of City of Silverton, in particular the promotion of  safety, convenience, aesthetics, and economic viability.
  2. The Social Revitalization City of Silverton, fulfilling the needs of the citizens, restoring activity and liveliness of the city, providing a sense of community among the people, and to encouraging area wide events for the benefit of the residents and the business community.
  3. The Economic Revitalization of City of Silverton, attracting new commercial enterprises, creating stability for small business, and insuring a continuing source of revenue to the City.

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