Margaret III duplicate

Built 1923


Authenticity & History


The Register Friday 28 November 1924

Additional boats to those that competed for the race at the
Outer Harbor on November 15 are Mr. Allan MacFarlane's
Silver Streak, which bore the name of Miss Broadway-
before she was imported, from America .
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Power boating - Volume 25 - Page 55 - 1923
Miss Broadway
Owner - Gerald T. White
Designer - Chris C. Smith
Builder - Clifford S. Hadley
Miss Broadway is the first of the
Broad Channel Yacht Club's 151 - Class , 
and with her sister boat Miss.........

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Power boating - Volume 25 - Page 55 – 1923

MISS BROADWAY and MISS NEW YORK are equipped with

3-cyl. 18-25 H. P. Pierce-Budd Motors

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The Rudder - Volume 39 - Page 312 - 1923

The Planing Angle of Miss Broadway Is Similar to that Obtained by Miss America and Other

Champion Smith- Designed Boats The A-Class Boats Get Over the ... His own boat,

Miss New York, is now ready for launching at the Hadley shops.

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The Rudder - Volume 39 - Page 417 - 1923

Miss Broadway, Built from THE RUDDER Plans,

the Fastest Boat in Jamaica Bay
The Next Hottentot Will Be a Duplicate of

Miss Broadway and the Famous Margaret III

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The Rudder - Volume 40 - Page 11 - 1924
Margaret III is the daddy of the whole class;
Miss Broadway and Miss New York are duplicates except for
having heavier hulls for New York weather conditions.
Hadley Built both the New York Boats from the Rudder plans and....
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The Rudder - Volume 40 - Page 54 - 1924
C. S. Hadley, Ozone Park, L. I., N. Y., the builder of the champion

Miss Broadway, the De Luxe edition of the Margaret III

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Miami News-Metropolis February 21, 1924

Champion Speed Boats Compete In Water Tests

Greatest interest centres in the clashes between these fleet speedsters,

among which will be Miss Broadway, piloted by her owner, Gerald T. White, of New York,

editor of “Rudder”, holder of the free-for-all championships of New York;

Clifford Hadley will drive Any-Old-Thing, holder of the Atlantic coast championship,

both boats entered from the Broad Channel Yacht club.

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The Register Friday 28 March 1924


Mr. Allan MacFarlane, of Wellington Lodge, has ordered from Mr. L. E. Selby,

the owner and pilot of the original Margaret, a duplicate hull and a

Pierce-Budd engine complete. From all accounts she will be a handsome little craft.

Her hull is of solid -mahogany, the bottom double-skinned with aeroplane cloth,

laid over marine glue between the skins, brass fitting throughout,

and the whole of the woodwork highly polished.

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The Register Friday 31 October 1924

Mr. Allan MacFarlane has imported a Margaret complete from
Lou Selby, the owner of the original craft of that name.
She is a handsome little boat, finished to bright mahogany,
and powered with a Pierce Budd.
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The Mail Saturday 13 December 1924


The Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron’s hydroplane race for the

Bennett Gold Cup, held at the Outer Harbor this afternoon, was

full of thrills . The cup was won by Silver Streak, with Kinchic

(last year’s winner) second and Three’s None third.

Silver Streak is a duplicate of the American champion speedster

Margaret III, which holds the world’s record speed for her

Class at 35 miles an hour. It is fitted with a Pierce Budd

two stroke engine.

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The Mail Saturday 20 December 1924


The hydroplane racing for the Bennett Cup caused plenty of excitement

for crews and spectators alike. The speed of the winner Silver Streak was an

excellent achievement. Considering the world's record for this

class of boat is 35 M.P.H. Silver Streak’s 33 M.P.H. is a great performance.

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The Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Monthly

Page 38 July 1 , 1925


Silver Streak, a Margaret-type hydro, won the Gold Cup race

last season, whilst Nalterie, which, with a record of five wins

in seven starts, must be reckoned as champion of the state, is

also a Margaret III hull built in the U.S.A.

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The Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Monthly

Page 40 October 1, 1925

Mr Allan MacFarlane is not quite satisfied with the American engine

in his Silver Streak that was imported complete from the United States,

and is having one of another make installed.

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The Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Monthly

Page 29 October 1 , 1925


Mr. Allan Mcfarlane has had a Chic six installed in his

imported American hydro, Silver Streak. This engine will take the place

of the Pierce-Budd originally built into it . The race for the handsome

Bennett Gold Cup promises this year to be an exciting one.

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The Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Monthly

Page 18 May 1, 1926

Silver Streak streaked home a winner well in front of everything else.

This boat has recently been fitted with a new and improved Meadows engine

of 189 cubic inches capacity and she has beaten all the small hydros.

Her trial speed over a measured course was 42 m.p.h.

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The Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Monthly

Page 13 August 1 , 1926


Several alterations were made to the engine, and Nalterie

finished second to a sister boat “Silver Streak”, fitted with a Chic engine, rated

at 182.5 cu. in. cylinder capacity. These two boats have exceeded

40 m.p.h., which is a world's record for boats of this capacity.

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The Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Monthly

Page 33 December 1 , 1926


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The Mail Saturday 13 December 1926


Silver Streak Sunk

The excitement of the contest was added to by the fact that

Mr. A. McFarlane's hydroplane. Silver Streak, when running at a fast speed,

capsized and threw her crew of two overboard. The water stopped

the engine and the speedster sank. Whippet, another hydroplane,

attempted to give aid, but no ropes were available. The crew was rescued

from the river, and the submerged motor boat later towed back

to the squadron shed by Commodore A. G. Rymill's launch Hood.

The hull and engine were undamaged.

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The Australian Motor Boat and Yachting Monthly

Page 20 July 1 , 1927


South Australia is proud of the fact that she was the first State

to give the Duke and Duchess of York the thrills of hydroplaning.

While staying at Mr. Allan MacFarlane’s Wellington Lodge Station , on

Lake Alexandrina, the Royal couple were taken for spins in the

Margaret type hydro, Silver Streak, and expressed themselves as

delighted with the sensation. The boat was handled most of the time

by Mr. Clive MacFarlane.   

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The Advertiser Monday 23 December 1929



Restricted class hydroplanes competed for the Bennett Gold Cup

at Outer Harbor on Saturday afternoon. Silver Streak proved

too fast for her rivals, finishing 200 yards ahead of the second boat.

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The Register Monday 23 December 1929

Silver Streak Wins Bennett Gold Cup For Hydroplanes

The 1929 race for the Bennett Gold Cup, presented by the late Mr. R. W. Bennett,

for restricted, class hydroplanes, was remarkable for the curious mishaps

which crippled most of the competitors.

Silver Streak won the race by 200 yards from Nalterie.

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The Register Saturday 28 June 1930


Skimming across Lake Alexandrina yesterday in the Silver Streak, Miss Amy Johnson

was thrilled with her first experience of piloting a hydroplane

 Mr. Allan MacFarlane, jun., is showing her the controls.

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The Register Saturday 28 June 1930


Slowing up at the landing stage after dashing up and down the lake

in the Silver Streak. Miss. Johnson was obviously thrilled

with her successful first attempt at hydroplane piloting.

She means to take up the sport in earnest when she returns to England.

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The Advertiser Saturday 28 June 1930


When the hydroplane Silver Streak flashed through the waters of

Lake Alexandrina yesterday, with Amy Johnson at the wheel,

the onlookers : glimpsed something of the spirit of the intrepid girl,

who had blazed a trail across the sky.

It was her first experience of hydroplaning, but she says it will not be her last

It was Mr. MacFarlane, jun., who inveigled her into going for a spin in

the Silver Streak, which lived up to its name when

the Duke and Duchess of York trusted themselves to its mercy.

But used to the speed of the air, Miss Johnson did not

turn a hair when Mr. MacFarlane let the hydroplane go

at a rate that would have staggered the traffic police.

As a matter of fact, she was not happy until she took the wheel herself.

Then the young lady. who has been advised against

solo flying for a while, had the time of her life.

The onlookers gasped when she put her foot on the accelerator,

but she came up smiling, though drenched with spray.

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