...To Silver Star Adaptive Snow Sports (SSASS)
SSASS teaches and assists persons with disabilities to ski and snowboard at Silver Star Mountain Resort near Vernon, British Columbia. SSASS is entirely volunteer-run and offers a variety of programs for local and regional students, school students, visitors from around the world and students who are interested in advanced snowsport and racing techniques. 

The term '
adaptive' is used because we believe nobody "is disabled". Having a disability is different than being disabled. We encourage a belief that we all can adapt to a disability and be able to live fully. The term 'adaptive' also describes the equipment used to help remove barriers to the fun and rewarding accomplishments snow sports can yield.
SSASS Students are persons of all ages and with a wide range of disabilities (see about the people we work with). Our trained volunteer instructors provide lessons for beginner to highly advanced students.

 SSASS exists thanks to the generosity of donations which are tax-deductible. A number of fund-raising events are planned each year. SSASS is associated with CADS and BCAS, National and provincial organizations devoted to assisting persons with disabilities to participate in snow sports.
So whether you are potentially a student, volunteer, donor or interested supporter, we thank you for visiting our site. Please look around to find out what we do and how you can be a part of the action. 

Winning Tickets of Without Barriers Raffle 2016
Thanks to all who purchased tickets and a big thanks to our sponsors

West Jet tickets for 2 - Ticket # 0195 - Rachel McKimmie
Monashee Powder for 2 - Ticket # 0313 - Alex Wallace
Blizzard Skis and Bindings - Ticket #0711 - Marla Taylor
Attridge Sports - Gift Cert - Ticket #0271 - Gillain Kilgour
Attridge Sports - Gift Cert - Ticket #0510  - Nicole Makohoniuk
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