Chamber of CommerceVisitor Center

Eight Foot Diameter Mosaic "Founders Floor"

Yes, you can walk on glass.  This eight foot diameter stained glass mosaic is located on the floor of the Homer AK Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center.  Glass is an extremely strong and durable substance, and you are welcome to walk on this mosaic (although high heels are not recommended).

The work symbolizes how our livelihoods depend on a healthy environment.  I designed it with the hope of appealing to both residents and visitors of all ages.  The various animals represented, as well as the boat, plane and cabin, are all necessary to our commercial fishing, sport fishing, subsistence, and tourist economies.  As you walk around the mosaic, you see the three sections of the inner circle representing the Kenai Peninsula (with cabin), bordered on two sides by Kachemak Bay (with float plane) and Cook Inlet (with fishing boat).  The outer circle features the creatures found on the surface, middle, and bottom of the sea.  The sun provides the energy that cycles through all living things.

 On the blue outer edge of the circle are engraved the major donors, the "founders," of the Chamber Visitor Center.  (Postcards are available from the Chamber for $1 apiece.)