About the Artist

The Subject is Nature

I live with my life companion, Larry Smith, in Homer AK.  Along with Larry's son, we design and build custom houses in our family business, Silver Spruce Construction.  We  specialize in timberframe buildings.  Along with Larry, I do some of the design work, and I also install ceramic and stone tile, and sometimes stained or leaded glass work.

All my work reflects my love of nature, especially the spectacular scenery and wildlife of Alaska.   

After spending most of my adult life working as an environmentalist, I came to art late in life.  I have studied under local Homer artists, including learning glass techniques from MarAli and I continue to take art classes from a wonderful art teacher, Brad Hughes at his Compass School.

Come to our house in downtown Homer, at the end of Bonanza Ave., to see the pair of dancing sandhill cranes, which face the street.  Feel free to knock on the door and come in to view them from inside, with the light shining through.  

     -- Pam Brodie

Pamela Brodie, P.O. Box 1139, Homer AK 99603

(907)235-3855; Contact me.