Appendix E - High Priest Group Leadership

Ward Family History Reports



The attached two reports are tools to assist the High Priest Group Leader fulfill his responsibilities in reporting the ward’s family history activity to the Bishop and Ward Council.  


The reports also provide visual aids to help the HPGL and ward consultants identify those who may need family history training and assistance. 


Family History Form

 ·         The Family History Form will help the High Priest Group Leader and Ward Consultants manage family
         history activity in the ward. 
·         The HPGL can use the Family History Form to assign families and monitor the progress the ward consultants
        are having with the members.

 Ward Family History Monthly Progress


  • The Ward Family History Monthly Progress is a report can be used to monitor the involvement of ward members in family history work.
  • The purpose of the Report is to identify the progress being made monthly by the Ward in meeting the Stake Goals to have everyone involved in some aspect of family history work.
  • The data for this report is automatically calculated from the bottom of the Family History Form.
  • Please contact Gary Petranek (301-572-4105; to receive a pre-populated form with your ward/branch members listed.



High Priest Group Leader Responsibilities as outlined in the Administrative Guide for Family History (www.


  • Ensures there are a sufficient number of qualified consultants to meet the needs of the members of the ward.
  • Gives a regular report on temple and family history efforts in the ward in PPI’s, PEC, and Ward Council meetings. He reports on the help consultants have provided to specific individuals and families.
  • Leads family history discussions in PEC and Ward Council meetings, under the direction of the bishop, to suggest individuals and families that consultants could contact.
  • Meets regularly with family history consultants to provide counsel and help. He assigns them to contact members suggested by the PEC or Ward Council.



Note:  Ward Consultants will be most effective when working with members individually, in their homes when possible.
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