The Brixham Angel

Welcome to the home of the Brixham Angel

The Angel represents the selfless actions of the women of Brixham during the 'Great Gale' of January 10th 1866. Even more lives would have been lost had it not been for the 'Brixham Angels' who guided their loved ones home to port and pulled seamen from the wrecks of vessels washed ashore in the bay. 

Now given as a Talisman or gesture of affection, they have traveled to distant parts taking with them the spirit of the 'Wives of Brixham'.

The Story of the Brixham Angel

''Local legend has it that during 'The Great Gale' of January 1866, the lights of the town being dimmed by the inclemency, and fearing for the lives of their sons, husbands, brothers and fathers, the womenfolk gathered and hauled their furniture and mattresses to the shore and set ablaze in a bonfire to guide the remaining sailing trawlers home to port. Some said the flames were in the shape of an Angel. These women became known locally as 'The Brixham Angels'. Such was the destruction of the fishing fleet, and with it 100 lives lost, that after the storm it was said that one could walk almost to Paignton on the broken flotsam of wrecked boats. To this day, on the darkest, stillest nights above the Port of Brixham, amongst the cries of ever circling gulls, there can be heard the flap of the Angel's wings that look over the souls of all below.''

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