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4-H Parent Expectations

    The most successful 4-H mombers have the interest and support of their parents.  If you are wondering just how you can help in 4-H, here are some suggestions.
  • Go to club meetings with your 4-H member.  Meetings are for families.


  • Do not use 4-H as a babysitter - Become involved and help in a way you are comfortable.


  • Assist with project selection and learn what is required.


  • Help guide your child, but DO NOT do the work/project for him/her.


  • Encourage record keeping.


  • Serve as a project leader/co-leader when you have a skill to share.


  • Serve on a committee.


  • Keep informed on 4-H info coming to your family, read your mail, e-mails, 4-H newsletter, and check on this website every so often.


  • Volunteer to host meetings or serve a snack.


  • Encourage and guide your child in their 4-H activities.


  • Show sincere interest and enthusiasm in your child's activities.


  • Provide/Plan for your child's transportation to local meetings and activities.  Parents are encouraged to attend local club meetings and participate in countywide events.
    Parents have a great deal to gain from being involved in the 4-H program.
    Parents can gain just as much as their children do in their 4-H experiences.  The children grow by learning new skills and broadening their knowledge, as well as gaining new friends and becoming acquainted with other families.