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2011 Updates:

Congratulations to Kerilyn and Lucy on acheiving their ADCH!

2010 Updates:

Nov 14 -Been really bad about updating this year - Danger finally got his last Snooker Super Q to finish his ADCH at Hog Dog!  Thanks Ashley, for running him!

Danger and Kirsten traveled to NC to attend the Carolina Piedmont Agility USDAA trial on January 16-17 - Largest USDAA trial ever held in NC!  Danger ran great! His DAM team "Living Dangerously" qualified and place 6th (Team Gamblers 10th,Team Jumpers 2nd, Team Snooker 4th); Q and 6th in Grand Prix (called on a missed A-frame contact?) and Q and place 6th (w/1 bar) in Steeplechase finals.  Now only one GP Q needed to be Qualified for USDAA Nationals in KY this Fall.

Ashley and Psi teamed with Dare/Kirsten and   Heat/Michelle Beardsley to take 4th Place in the DAM team tournament at CPA on Jan 16-17.  Psi also Q'd (2nd place?)in Steeplechase.

2009 Updates:

October 11, 2009- Congratulations to Kerilyn and "Lucy" on their AAD.  

October 4, 2009- Congratulations on achieving ADCH to Ashley and "Psi"  who is now ADCH Keepstone Sideswipe AX, AXJ, SCH, TM-B, HTDII-s, HTADII-s, HRDII-s, RLFIII-s

August 1, 2009- Congratulations to Lisa Dewey and Danger's daughter "Savvy" on finishing their ADCH. Savvy is now ADCH Rival's Oh So Clever AX AXJ TM-Bronze.

Danger finished his AX  with a first place at the BRDTC trial.

Congratulations to Ashley and Psi for finishing their AXJ in 3 straight 1st place EX A runs at Blue Ridge Dog Training Club's trial. 

Gotta remembered how to weave and won her Open standard class on Sunday at the Cocker Club trial- finishing her OA.

Kirsten got a Master Jumpers leg on Danger on Friday May 1 at MAD-CO to finish his MAD!! (That's also  where he finished his AAD last year!)

Psi goes MAD!!  Keepstone Side Swipe (Psi) finished his Master Agility Dog title at VA Ruff Riders on May 19- just a week after his 3rd birthday!  Way to go Ashley and Psi!

Danger has been bred to Nan.  Ultrasound shows 6 pups - due May 4. 

Congratulations to Ashley and Psi (Keepstone Sideswipe)for finishing Psi's Open JWW and Excellent Standard titles at the BRDTC trial March7-8 with all first place ribbons.  Danger also did well, placing first in Excellent A Std and Jumpers on Saturday, and 2nd in Std to Psi on Sunday.

Congratulations to Michelle Persian and MACH Sagehill's All That and More "Bria" for achieving their MACH on Jan 17, 2009.

Cooper and Gotta both ran well at Keepstone Farm Sheepdog Trial, January 17-18, 2009. In the ribbons most runs, with a runoff for first by Cooper and a couple of thirds by Gotta. In another run, Cooper timed out; but stepped up to the plate with a near flawless run, keeping her cool while backing a headstrong ewe around the course.

Cooper and Gotta both ran well on Jan 11, 2009 at Edgeworth Sheepdog Trial in Pro-Novice; Gotta taking 3rd place.

2008 Updates:

December 27-28, 2008 Danger's Team finishes with a Q at Mid-Atlantic Madness Dam Team tournament, and Psi Q's in Grandprix.

December 7, 2008 - Congratulations to Rene and Rival's Cade TD  (Dange/Kesh son) for earning Cade's Tracking Title on his 6 month birthday!

On Nov 29-30, 2008 Gotta and Cooper competed well at the Keepstone Sheepdog Trial.  Gotta was 2nd (in a run-off for 1st), then placed 6th for Res. CH Pro-Novice on Saturday. Cooper placed 1st Saturday, 1st Sunday (ahead of Gotta for 2nd), and 5th Sunday to win CH Pro-Novice for Sunday.

Nov 30-2008, Psi ran in Novice-Novice at Keepstone, and was 4th (of 18) in both runs, taking Reserve CH Novice Dog at his 2nd Border Collie Trial. 

November 28-29,2008 - Congratulations to Ashley and "Skid" for finishing their ADCH at Va Ruff Riders on 11/28/08.  Congratulations to Ashley and Psi for a 26" (2nd place) Grand Prix Q. Also, Danger and Psi teamed with Cocker Spaniel "Silk"  to Qualify (9th place) in the DAM Team Tournament.  Both Danger and Psi earned their Tournament Master titles.  Danger was 3rd in 26" Team Gamblers, 1st in 26" Team Jumpers, &1st in 26" Team Snooker.

November 8,9, 2008- Congratulations to Psi and Ashley for finishing Psi's OA, and taking first place in Ex A Std.

November 8,9 - Danger finally gets an OAJ leg (1st place)to finish his Open Jumpers title. He ran 3 other beautiful runs in Excellent, with an unfortunate bar knocked each time. Gotta gets two Open standard legs (both 1st place) and a 2nd place leg in Open Jumpers. She Q'd 3 for 4, with a single bar in her first jumpers run of Saturday.

November 2 - Gotta and Cooper run Pro-novice at the challenging Mount Pleasant Sheepdog trial.  Cooper wins Pro-Novice!  

October 4-5, 2008 - Gotta and Cooper both run well at the Montpelier Sheepdog Trial in a large (27 dogs)Pro-novice class. Gotta takes first place on Sunday!

October2, 2008 - Cooper places 5th in Pro-novice at the VA Sate Fair.

September 28, 2008- Gotta is 3rd her first time out in Pro-Novice (Hickory Hill).

September 28, 2008 - Congratulations to Kim and Pi on passing their Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors. 

September 27, 2008 - Psi Q's and wins round 1 of the Steeplchase at CVAC.  Danger is 4th. Gotta wins(Q) Advanced Standard and is 2nd (Q)in Adv. Jumpers. Danger and Psi both earn Master Pairs legs.  

September 13, 2008 - Congratulations to LuAnn and Jack for completing Jack's AAD title at the Flexible Flyers Trial!

September13, 2008 - Danger wins the 1st Round of Steeplechase (26") at Flexible Flyers (PA), and takes 2nd in Master Standard (to his 1/2 brother Drifter), finishing his Master Standard Agility title (Kirsten handling).

September 7, 2008- Psi wins 26" Steeplechase and 26" Grand Prix at Teamworks, and his Team was 4th (Q).  In the Masters classes he Q'd with 4th and 1st (Super Q) in Master Snookers, First and 3rd  in Master Gamblers, 3rd in Master Pairs, and 2nd in Master Jumpers. Way to go Ashley and Psi!

September 6, 2008 - DAM Team "Regan Skids out of Danger" WINS at Teamworks USDAA - NC  (Danger handled by Kirsten, with teammates Skid and Regan).   Danger also won the First Round of Steeplechase (26")  with Kirsten, qualifying them for USDAA Nationals in November.

August 16, 2008 - Congrats to Jen and Pre on a 17'6" Dock Dive - see the video here!  

August 16, 2008 - Congrats to Ashley and Psi for finishing Psi's AAD and taking 4th in the 26" Grand Prix at the TAG trial in VA.

August 16, 2008 - Danger Q's in 26" Grand Prix  at TAG with Kirsten handling - to Qualify for USDAA Nationals.

August 3, 2008 - Congratulations to Ashley and Psi for winning the 26" Steeplechase and placing 3rd in 26" Grand Prix at the Over Rover USDAA trial in Cato, NY.

July 27, 2008 - Congratulations to Lucy and Kerilyn for winning EX B Jumpers High in Class by almost 4 seconds- and a free trial entry!

July 27, 2008 - Gotta wins Overall Champion Novice Dog at the Keepstone Farm Stockdog Trials (4 trials).  Cooper ends up 4th overall in Pro Novice.

July 19, 2008 - Congrats to Kerilyn and Lucy on achieving their AX and NJ titles.

July 11-13, 2008 -  Gotta finished her AHBA HTCh, as well as getting her RLFs III and HTADs III titles. 

July 4-6, 2008 Congratulations to Kerilyn and Lucy on their ASA title; and Ashley and Psi on finishing their NA, NAJ titles.

USDAA NE Regional DAM Team "Tres Borrachos" consisting of Jack, Danger and Psi will compete in PA on June 13-15, 2008

June 7, 2008 - Congratulations to Kerilyn and Lucy for finishing Lucy's AXJ.

May 31, 2008- Gotta finishes her AD at CVAC. Psi gets a Steeplechase Q (fifth place) at CVAC to qualify for NE Regionals.  Congratulations to ADCH Silveridge In Hot Pursuit and Jen Nannery on finishing Chase's ADCH!!!

May 26, 2008 - Gotta scores a perfect "100" in AHBA HRD III-s to win the class and High Scoring Dog at the Keepstone Farm AHBA Trial.

May 10, 2008 - Psi gets a Q and  qualifies for the Regional Grand Prix at the TAG Trial. 

May 3, 2008 - Danger gets that illusive Advanced Jumpers leg at the Mad-Co USDAA trial to finish his AAD. Psi finishes his AD!

April 20, 2008 - Danger gets a Master Gambler leg in the pouring rain at Ruff Riders to finish his Gamble Master title. 

March 29, 2008- Congratulations to LuAnn and Jack for finishing Jack's AD (Agility Dog) title at Hog Dog.

Silveridge is a small farm in the Eastern Pan Handle of West Virginia; convenient to Northern Virginia, Western Maryland, and the Washington DC area.  We train and share our home with Border Collies,  bred to become top working sheepdogs.  We also train and compete some of our versatile dogs in agility, a fast paced dog sport. We may occasionally have puppies for sale to select homes. We maintain a small flock of Katahdin hair sheep, primarily for training our dogs. Our ewes lamb in the Spring, and we sell pasture raised lambs for meat, sheepdog work or breeding.  Occasionally we also offer older "dog broke" sheep for sale as workers or breeding stock. 

Our Dogs

    SR Code Red   "Danger"



Danger is a talented sheepdog, as well as a competitive agility dog.  His natural drive, power, speed, athleticism, biddable temperament and "can-do" attitude combine to make him a dream to work - whether on sheep or in the agility field. He is a moderate size at 20.25" tall, 39 muscular pounds.  He was whelped in 2002, sired by Imp. Ned, out of our Rose. He is OFA Good, CERF and DNA Normal, BAER Normal.   Click for Danger's Pedigree and Clearances 
SH Mind Game     "Pod"

Pod was my first Border Collie to compete in agility and work sheep. Her natural talent in both areas is what got me hooked, and she continues to be my "go to" dog whenever I have difficult farm chores to do, or ewes with new lambs.  She is a little dog at 18" and 31 pounds, but has a heart of gold and doesn't know the word "quit". She is OFA Good, CERF and DNA Normal, BAER Normal. Pod is spayed. Click for Pod's Pedigree and Clearance



  SR Got Game     "Gotta"  

HTCh Silveridge Got Game, OA, OAJ, AD,  HTD       IIIs, HTD IIId,  HRD IIIs, HTAD IIIs, RLF IIIs

Gotta is the pup we kept from our 2004 breeding of Pod to "Coon", Kent Kuykendall's  2000 Working Sheepdog of the Year.  She has a lovely, stylish way with sheep, and is a joy to work.  Gotta works ducks as well as sheep.  She has competed successfully in Open Ranch level sheepdog trials, and easily finished her AHBA Herding Championship.   Started in agility "just for fun", she has her Open/Novice titles, and is working in USDAA Advanced level and in AKC Excellent.  Gotta is 18.25 " tall and about 31 pounds; OFA Excellent, CERF and DNA Normal, BAER Normal. Click for Gotta's Pedigree and Clearances 


    RS Silk     "Silk"   

2009 Aled Owen's Roy/Imported Irish

Silk was imported "in utero", and born 1/31/09 in Minnesota.  Tiny little Silk has started on sheep, and shows a ton of style and promise.  She's not worried at all that the sheep are four times her size!  She took  a while to mature mentally, but i look forward to working her more this Spring. Silk
is OFA Good, CERF Normal and CEA Normal by parentage.



  Silveridge 007     "Seven"

Silveridge Armed and Dangerous

"Seven " is also a Danger - Nan pup from 2009, and is coming along nicely. High energy, but with a great off button,  and sweet as they come! Spring 2011 he'll start some more serious training.  Seven is neutered, CEA normal by parentage, BAER Normal and OFA Good.

  L&M  Meg     "Meg"

Meg is a three year old daughter of Laura Hicks' great producing "Nell" in South Dakota.  She combines the pedigree of some tough all purpose stockdogs with Joni Swanke's "Lew",  a successful Open level sheepdog and sire of many quality sheepdogs.  Meg's siblings, and half siblings have been top notch trial and  National Finals competitors.  Meg has matured and  is showing me that she has what it takes to become a good trial dog.  She will start competing soon. Meg's about 19 inches tall and 32 pounds; OFA Good, CERF Normal, CEA Normal by parentage.  Pedigree and Clearances here

  SR Dharma "Dharma"  


Dharma is from our 2007 breeding of Pod to Imp. Bill.  From the very first time she saw ducks, she showed great promise as a working Border Collie.  Dharma is very intense and stylish on sheep, and has a natural outrun and balance.  She is a very serious little girl, and  should be ready to trial this Summer. CERF Normal, BAER Normal, CEA carrier, OFA pending.  Click for Dharma's Pedigree and Clearances

Bet is the pup we kept from the Danger/Meg breeding in 2010.  She is everything we hoped for in the cross ---  smart, athletic, super confident,  and very keen to work already at 6 months old.  Bet is CERF clear, CEA normal by parentage.



Our Dogs Currently Not at Silveridge

  Silveridge Zip     "Zip"

  Silveridge's Zippen Thru Time, JHD, CGC, TDI

Update:  Zip has gone to live in Middleburg as the constant companion to a lovely elderly lady  - good girl, Zippy! 

Zip is a Pod/Cash daughter we bred  in 2003, sold , and then came back to us at 2 1/2 years old. She is co-owned with Susan Rhoades. Although not started on sheep the proper way, she quickly turned around, earning her JHD title a few weeks after being back at Silveridge.  Old habits are hard to break, and she is still too tough on sheep to trial, but probably would make an excellent cow dog if she had the opportunity.  Zip has never met a stranger; and she's a ball and frisbee fanatic.  She is a moderate size at about 19.5" tall and 35 pounds.  Zip is spayed, OFA good, CEA normal. Click for  Zip's Pedigree and Clearances